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Tell me your frustrations with others and I’ll show you your gifts.

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It can consume 20+ years of sharing and interacting and writing to get a message right, or at least a message that leads the listener into the right direction.

For example, “The things that frustrate you the most, and most commonly about other people, tend to be the things that you are gifted in doing… those things you have always done easily and with little, if any, energy or effort.”

Depending on the individual or group I might be speaking with, this is followed by a sentence or examples regarding the relationship between one’s innate gifts and natural DNA-dispositions and those things that are effortless for them to do in life. 

There is also a sociological extent and correlate  “group ease” or group alignment of gifts and “innate dispositional effect” that occurs in our world and one that affects our perceptions and actions towards others and other groups in the same fashion as it does for most of us individually. 

Which leads back to the opening remark I typically make in these “street” interactions: “…your gifts and nature dispositions are the things you do without effort*… and as a result you tend not to respect about your “self” ” …because they take very little, if any, effort to do.  It is these gifts and natural dispositions you are born with that you, and most of humanity, tend to value least about who you are as an individual.” 

If it takes effort it has value.  If it takes nothin’ to do it’s worthless. Does this cognitive and social paradigm sound familiar?

The degree you value your gifts may be measured by your patience and tolerance with others as they attempt to do and fail to do those things you can easily perform, physically or cognitively, unless one of your gifts and dispositions is patience. Then again, if one of your innate dispositions were patience, and you were unconscious of your gifts as most of us are, then you would be least patient with those that lacked patience.

* To fully manifest and evolve those innate gifts and nature dispositions, our YOUnique genius, takes a lifetime of effort and great bravery.


Written by JohnBrian

June 29, 2009 at 8:48 am

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