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“… and the roots of rhythm remain…”

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(Quote borrowed from: Song: Under African Skies// The Essential Paul Simon/Paul Simon)

Note to a “colleague of life”

I can always tell when you (and others) are not so busy… you talk more to the world.  Or maybe “we/they” just get something in our craw that just won’t let go until we vent.

In either case I really enjoy theses implicate/explicate-like rhythms –  people’s pulsing in and out with a certain and interesting periodicity – in the socnet spaces. Not so much the people trying to draw up business and/or to impress for the sake of impression; more the one’s who have a “purposeful gift-driven life”, conscious or not, and just have something to say that they have a deeper sense of being worth sharing and now simply saying out loud to the world and from one moment of explication to the next.


EcoMind Mirroring Instantiation_#1,249_LinkedIn Comment to Mr. Arun Das (PhD)

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This is a highly relevant comment I posted in the SARTA ( ) LinkedIn Discussion space and the VLAB LinkedIn Discussion space today.

Apologies, if you are members of either one of these discussion groups as well as this EvoTech Discussion space in LinkedIn, please forgive the redundancy.

“The Comment on… another Theoretical Instantiation and the Synchronicity of It All.”

“Amazing and I love it!

Am I the only one who caught this synchronistic connection? (Or who cares???)

New Discussion topic presented by Mr. Arun Das (PhD) and titled:

“Neuromarketing”is the latest buzzword in marketing area. Current efforts in neuromarketing approaches are not adequate; it requires a lot more.”


… and synchronistically…

This earlier “Evolutionary Technologies” Discussion topic (only a few topic titles down from the above) and titled:

“Evolutionary Technologies… considers the idea that all technological development is being innately directed, without our conscious intent, by the design of the human brain…

The synchrony defined: A theoretical assumption stating that cortical features and processes and architectures are being systematically and intentionally and non-consciously mirrored-projected into our technology and into our physical systems… and a week later someone puts up an article about a new brand of marketing called “Neural-Marketing”…

Check out the main Discussion area in the above link here and my blog at if you find this synchrony at all fascinating… and/or the content itself.

Thanks Arun, I will read your article and we will be talking I am sure.


It is really very simple. Minds NEED other Minds that fit.

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Minds Needs Minds... that fit!

Minds Needs Minds... that fit!

That’s my take… the human mind wants to meet optimal other minds.

I think it is this simple. Defining “optimal” becomes interesting but let us assume it is about creating new “anythings.” The moment of insight “Ah-Ha” (…and yes, I spell it differently than the popular market and for good reason) is the most intoxicating experiential phenomena known to the human mind… So having more of these that are resonant to our innate and unique gifts and dispositions and doing so with others of complementary unique-ness is… well… a real watershed party. This is what our minds want AND need intrinsically – and are designed to create, are creating, and will continue to create for themselves.

There are few if any technologies in the world today that over time have evolved outside of this idea of mind-driven architecture, design and functionality.

I am sure I am not saying anything new but I hope I am saying it uniquely and therein reaching more “minds” in the process.

Comment_Andrea Marotti_

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I have been caught in your web for moment here and thought I’d extricate myself with a comment or two.  You have done so for me and it is only natural… as our areas of innately-driven interest are complementary – synergy begets natural NRG reciprocated…

*Excerpt from Andrea Marotti’s “Art of Innovation”: “Open Innovation – Corporate Venturing And Monetizing IP”

“You can stretch the life span of a product that has reached maturity by continuing to invest in R&D but it is risky and you better be as good as Apple at it.”

My Comment:

The only reason a computer platform, pc in this case, can stay away from the inevitability of future commoditization IMHO is because it is living in that unique space wherein R&D can maintain its lifespan beyond the norm.

That distinct commoditization-inhibiting commercial space is one that connects the human mind to other human minds.  This is a special zone of “doing.”

The pc lives here, as do other tech’s, hard and soft and downright ethereal.

Yes, Apple’s reinvents very well but they also just happen to have the helping hand of mind2mind commercial layer of business wherein your product can circumvent the commodity plunge if it develops and innovates in such a way as to consistently refine its relationship to consumer edge of mind-seamless-ness tech and do so through mirroring design and projections of functions and features of the human mind/brain… at feature/function introduction intervals which are at that edge of adoptive population ease and intrigue value, with functional value “demonstrates” right behind.

Okay, this is just too much fun in one morning.

Take care,


Written by JohnBrian

July 15, 2009 at 10:47 am

Right-On Rants – More proof that a certain EcoMind and this OneMind reality is, well, real.

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(This is a augmented copy of an Email I sent July 12, 2009 to a few friends and after my phone meeting with Brian Noguchi… that stirred me up. )

Thanks to my synchronistic meeting this AM with young and brilliant CEO, Brian Noguchi at I found this guy and his company:

And more proof my rants are right-on. 

Sample RightOn Rant: “Our Mind(s) is mirroring and projecting its design, functions, processes into our technology so that it can find “best fits” in other minds and those best or at least better “fits” give us that added synergy.  Mind-Mirrored systems of technologies will make this innately motivated effort as efficient as possible.”

Optimal Mind-to-MindTech-to-Mind connections are evolving more and more effectively and efficiently with our SocNet platforms today. We are more aggressively than ever searching for what we “think” are fuller forms of synergy. This is all possible thru optimized mirroring of the design and functions of our mind into our technology!”

Mind2MindTech2Mind: We will be, and some of us are already, uploading our SELF’s into a OneMind network.  The missing link in optimizing human synergies and therein the most effective human2human “connections” is that the representations of the individual YOUnique Self is missing as is, obviously, the agreed interpretive taxonomy of Self.  This taxonomy and our agreement with it as a start-point is, I believe,  THE bridge to the next phase of our human evolution. 

That interpretive, gift-centric Self-Taxonomy start-point is what I believe we have to offer through LeModel, LeToonz and LeCozmos.

Anyway, back to Rant-Instantiations… From this site: “Numenta is creating a new type of computing technology modeled on the structure and operation of the neocortex.”

from Mind of Clay

from Mind of Clay

See the link to support an emergent of an “Ecology-of-Mind” to a point wherein a new pardigm will come to be named.  Without a name it doesn’t exist to the larger “Most” population, right? Truth is, this new paradigm is here already, and has been operating incognito for decades… (and since homo-sapiens grew a set… of frontal lobes) nobody has stated the name out loud and at that “time” that “clicks” and naturally takes hold of most all of “us.” But a “they” will do so and that new paradgim name will be decided on soon.

I think EcoMnd is on the cloudy shortlist. OneMind is a “pop” close second. I love “K-Space” myself, but only as a future sub-culture of EcoMind.

My take, as you all know, is this idea of mind-mirroring and projection into technology which is a “determined” pattern and function motivated by our minds and for this innately driven purpose of the progressive optimization of human systems efficiency and enjoyment.

This is a basic bio-psycho-social-et al-whatever mind/brain thing folks. The brain wants more synergy to happen more often (… Hey and the human mind creates SocNet. Its ultimate purpose to gen-synergies).  Fairly simple really. More synergy creation begets better production of anything/everything… Including P&L’s.

Oh, and that same rant again…. an EcoMind conference event will be coming soon.  It has to.  Somebody is going to do it or something very akin to the idea of it. SocNet will be featured here as well as all tech that (appears to) reflect and mirror mind-design and function like… GUI’s, IT design and backbone, Org design behavioral models, psycho-bio-mimicry, mathematics used in analaytics modeling of human thought and behavior (as the same used in modeling memory and perception and sensory motor function), history and prognostics of web design, creation and evolution,  and more.

Re; Numenta, it is not so unusual to find that the gentleman that created this company uses quite a bit of my professors work/research, Karl H. Pribram, as a basis for his model.

Finally, there is a missing Technology content/ontology puzzle piece: Human “Self-Literacy” and Innate-Gift based “Self-Representation.”  So, LeToonz and LeCozmos is and will be needed soon and in parallel to socnet’s growth.

More specifically, I predict some form of human social-networking Ah-Ha Tracking and Flo-Tracking will become part of socnet platform very soon… <24 months.

Anyway, thanks for listening guys and gals.


“IT DAWNS ON US… we are almost-nearly-special; some of us are the quintessential symbols of special; many pseudo-specials out here in link-space BUT most all of US are not at all uniquely or YOUniquely special.”

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 “No longer is it something different worth pointing out. Our common continual experience is one of simple synergy.” (Heather O‘Daniel:


(* In scribbling here I found myself confronted with a certain friction as cognitive dissonance or pre-insight conundrum described as: Distinctions and parallels of “pure perception” and living ones natural gifts fully or BE-ing YOUnique.)

The amazing things within our tech space here and now, and to more fully come alive in the next 24 months or so (2011-12), will make more obvious the most amazing missing piece of the evolving tech puzzle. The fact that it is missing amongst all the pressure of what will already exist will make it more like a revolting piece of that puzzle… AND the realization of the nature of this missing piece will blow our collective minds.

It is this “No way!” missing puzzle piece which has taken up (on and off) the last 30 years of my life. It is my Purpose and is has been a real pain in the arse.

All this tech emerging around us is amazing. Really amazing. And a certain palatable fragmentation abounds in parallel and in concert to the kaleidoscope unfoldings.

So, here we are, all of us “getting connected”, and all of “US” (Borg?) writing and sharing and virtually “being” all this and/or all that, and thinking “we are the bravado today, the brave del nuevo mundo!”; “isn’t it great”; “aren’t we just the bad-ass bomb!”; or however this age-old sentiment might be stated by our hyper-connecting, tech-savvy humanity of all ages and around the world.. and on this particular and temporal day…

In the midst of our own glorious tech-connect-erupting cacophony there will come this wave of realization. IT DAWNS ON US… we are almost-nearly-special; some of us are the quintessential symbols of special; many pseudo-specials out here in link-space  BUT most all of US are not at all uniquely or YOUniquely special.

We are now and have worked hard at become Borg’s having all bought into and now proudly wearing our Special-Masks. There are very few “pure-perceptors” among us… very, very few.  And this is the realization and this is the monstrous paradigm shift coming.

The “I AM” or the truly YOUnique special-ness of an individual has been out of “order”, so to speak (I smile).

It is wrapped well in symbolic unique-mask packaging for 97% (Yep, my big WAG) of the information-interactive population which is about 24% ( internet users) of the total global population… at the annual moment.

And yes, I am assuming that living ones gifts does necessitate some “connectivity” or interaction with the technology of the time…now or in the past.

That said I think we know that a human being can achieve pure-perception without any technology or connectivity and in fact these advances may inhibit, and make more difficult over time, ones ability to achieve pure-perception.*

Oh, and as you may know, the “Guru’s” out there are not necessarily living their innate gifts to the fullest nor live the sight of “pure-percept”, by the by. Those that “teach” such can be the worst symbolic offenders, i.e. the biggest “YOUnique Self” frauds of all.

So, for me this is the missing piece – how to define the YOUniqueness so that “I” can in fact do the natural and potent synergizing – that way of being that will not need to be something we “point out.”– as it will simply be the way we live.

The hope is that these articulated notions of Gift-living and the living natural human synergy as a habit will be experienced as we now experience breathing.  As we talk now about daily events in our lives, we will talk then, in the future, about new and provocative human synergies that unfold.  

I said 2050 in 1986 and I think the date +/- 5 years is the same today.  That is when I think this dawning will have become old hat for the masses, a habit. Maybe holoports will be in every apartment dwelling too. I suspect so.

Written by JohnBrian

July 10, 2009 at 1:00 pm

LinkedIn Answers: What, in your opinion, are the Ten Key Success Factors (KSFs) in Entrepreneurial Startups?

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My reply is constrained via 4 variables: 

1. Start-up defined as an entity made up of the “founding” body of people who have successfully begun generating revenue from an invention of their conception and sale.

2. I will focus on the entrepreneurial start-up founded by the “inventrepreneur” because they illustrate and represent the consummate entrepreneurial scenario in my book.

3. I will focus only on the start-up entrepreneur of present and the future as their operating world is unique to that of their entrepreneurial “ancestors.”

4. My answer will be KSF’s that are human asset centric, as in the start-up founding team and founder(s).


I will add a phenomenological component to the KSF’s:  Synchronicity. 

Business Synchronicity’s (as life phenomena) can be seen as the component called “luck.”

For the start-up this form of luck, this “induced luck”, is an essential ingredient to success and needed in greater “quantities” than that of a mature entity. Now, I am NOT talking about “attraction” in the now popular sense of the word. The question is what makes timely occurrences of synchronicity, as induced-luck, happen and within the context of an entrepreneurial start-up.

My KSF is a bit of an Uber-KSF: that the founder and founding team MUST be made up of individuals who have a conscious, discrete and analogue/continuum awareness of their natural and innate gifts, talents and dispositions vs. those things they have learned.

This is neither an obvious attribute nor common knowledge by a long shot. If I asked most anybody walking the Stanford campus today to define for me their perception of their innate gifts and their innate limitations as inversely related to those gifts they could not.  Few can.

Here is why I believe a more highly coherent and conscious sense of Self-knowledge is THE essential ingredient which then affects the doing of all the rest including the inducement of synchronistic events and as it applies to current and future entrepreneurial start-up companies.

From today forward the most successful entrepreneurs will have an unusual awareness of their gifts and as such they will also have an uncanny awareness of their limitations.

In knowing your limitations your then know who you need around you to make up your “optimal synergistic” and success probable team. You will also experience certain synchronicity in the “finding” of, or “resonance” to, these founding team folks.

One of the main success issues Self-Gift-Knowing immediately takes care of is the choice of the singular idea to pursue.  An entrepreneur that is not the IP creator may discover the market need first and then go after the IP or an IP creator to answer the need… the same applies. The successful “start-up” choice should be based on the inherent ability of the creator/developer(s) to make it happen full cycle… which leads us back to gifts, talents, dispositions and one more attribute, the available of an almost infinite supply of human energy.

The energy (NRG) to go from concept to revenue generation is simply incredible. How much NRG you can apply to a given project is innately derived. If an entrepreneur is doing what they are “born” to do then the available NRG should be almost infinite by nature.

For me the team is HUGE.  And HUGE means the pure existence of human Synergy. Everybody talks about the experience of “synergy” in a team space but for the most part it is just talk. Real Synergy only happens when there is natural “complementarity” among the team members. Natural complementarity is founded on the “fit of gifts” and natural dissolution of any limitations as seen of the team as a whole.

One’s innate gifts are the basis of one’s innate passions that correlate to doing work that is “on-purpose”, so to speak.  If it just makes a boatload of cash it’ll kill you and in the end feel worthless. This in not a success… I assume.

Written by JohnBrian

July 9, 2009 at 2:54 pm