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LeCozmos - The Analogue Wave-Space World were LeToonz lives
LeCozmos – The Analogue Wave-Space World were LeToonz lives

What it’s all about for me is…

the missing link, which I see as a missing literacy that needs to be in place for this inevitable mind-of-minds process to reach its ultimate synergistic value for the individual, for humanity, our next generations of children… and for the planet.

It’s about the proactive and intentional and far more conscious evolution of the individual and gifted Human Self. 

It is about the first human brand – a brand called “YOUnique!”

For me the core concerns how the “YOUnique” about our SELF provides the foundation for a unique Purpose for that Self.

It is about this coming… this emergent “EcoMind” as a economic, cultural, psychological, social shift and phenomena.

EcoMind is also about technology and software advances around this movement and the alignment of technology – over time – to mirror human neural architecture (when and where feasible) and cortical neural processes and functionality (when and where feasible or possible) thus allowing individual YOUnique human minds to more seamlessly and quickly and effortlessly discover and connect to other minds… other synergistic human beings:

Its ’bout the innate motivation of our minds to create a YOUnique, gift-driven society over time…and so much more. 

My personal research and product/service systems development and testing efforts are based on the “Evolutionary Ontology” I had begun to develop (with others in assist) in the mid-80’s.

Various business acquisitions in the mid-to late 2000’s (Jaiku by Google); the frequency of use of the term “Ah-Ha” itself in media entertainment scripts between 2007 and 2009 is almost 1000-fold; the manifestation of actual community platforms and dialogue about personal “sharing’s” about Ah-Ha’s as represented on Oprah’s “Aha Moments” website; and the commercial Ad campaign by Mutual of Omaha launched during the 2009 Oscars and titled “The proud sponsors of the Aha-Moment.” provides a few of hundreds of instantiations of an emergent market and an evolving market-readiness for this work.

 Ah-Ha is one piece of a larger Model – See 

 The LeToonz characters (circa 1991-92) you see on this website came 10 years after the model itself.  LeModel is the name I gave it then and means – The Learning-to-Evolve Model.  The characters themselves represent the evolutionary ontology as a linear and nonlinear system of interconnected “states and processes” of LeModel…
These Guys will help you find what makes you YOUnique!

These Guys will help you find what makes you YOUnique!

I have found the child, tween and teen market “resonates” to these cute LeToonz icons  (as internal and very personal processes and states) and the colorful and dynamic nested-toroidal and analogue centric topological imagery of LeCozmos or the home of LeToonz. 

This recognition of child, tween and teen market readiness, and therefore market-ability, and came about through a number formal and informal-by-design  focus groups, as well as through educational  workshop presentations (custom interactive musical theatre-ish) performed over the last decade or so.

In terms of this Life-Work and human-connections, I look forward to any form of serious and mature human relationship synergy aligned with creating, designing, developing, testing and delivering to the world the following:

  • human and human-systems developmental ontology’s and process modeling;
    human and human systems moment-to-moment states and evolving patterns and representations therein, i.e. mapping;
  • finer resolution of interpretive Self representations
  • social connectivity based on the who and what and why of our innate and natural and “born-to-be” Self –  not the self founded on what we have already done;
  • self generative social and systems and individual evolution;
  • and any and all correlated product and product and services

 “Autopoesis is very kewl and being and becoming self-creating IS the future”


Written by JohnBrian

February 22, 1999 at 4:27 pm

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