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EcoMind Mirroring Instantiation_#1,249_LinkedIn Comment to Mr. Arun Das (PhD)

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This is a highly relevant comment I posted in the SARTA ( ) LinkedIn Discussion space and the VLAB LinkedIn Discussion space today.

Apologies, if you are members of either one of these discussion groups as well as this EvoTech Discussion space in LinkedIn, please forgive the redundancy.

“The Comment on… another Theoretical Instantiation and the Synchronicity of It All.”

“Amazing and I love it!

Am I the only one who caught this synchronistic connection? (Or who cares???)

New Discussion topic presented by Mr. Arun Das (PhD) and titled:

“Neuromarketing”is the latest buzzword in marketing area. Current efforts in neuromarketing approaches are not adequate; it requires a lot more.”


… and synchronistically…

This earlier “Evolutionary Technologies” Discussion topic (only a few topic titles down from the above) and titled:

“Evolutionary Technologies… considers the idea that all technological development is being innately directed, without our conscious intent, by the design of the human brain…

The synchrony defined: A theoretical assumption stating that cortical features and processes and architectures are being systematically and intentionally and non-consciously mirrored-projected into our technology and into our physical systems… and a week later someone puts up an article about a new brand of marketing called “Neural-Marketing”…

Check out the main Discussion area in the above link here and my blog at if you find this synchrony at all fascinating… and/or the content itself.

Thanks Arun, I will read your article and we will be talking I am sure.


We are all unique for a reason (…and as related to mind-centric Tech evolution)

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This is simply why I believe technologies and in particular any form of tech related to human connection (…and learning, performance, development, measurement) are developing the way they are… and if this is in fact the case, it would be good for those of us involved in the development of technology to be made aware of this underlying motivation and affect over time of the human mind upon society and specifically on technology creation.

The really interesting question is why would the mind (as a productive system of already semi connected human minds) want to manifest more and more of it’s features and functionality, and to whatever degree possible, architecture, into our physical, technological systems world.

The motivation IMO has always been obvious.  Minds want to find and produce great work with other minds. Why? Because when two or more minds connect to do some form of work or produce some form of output and each has talents and dispositions that complement the whole of the group, then great work is produced.  It is very simple.  Oh, and they have a blast (fun) doing it. It is the uniquely complementary mix of unique minds that generate the greatest output and fun. What human being, in their right mind, wouldn’t want more and more of this in their lives?

Ask any mind what it really wants, beyond some level of operating comfort. All minds want this synergy experience.  We as unique human beings are drawn to it because our uniquely disposed minds crave it.  Not just connection but powerful connections, which by default generate synergy.

 We are all unique for a reason.  It is what makes us unique that makes our combinations between others unique and potently and productivity powerful.  So uniqueness has a reason too… You have to be unique to have synergy

Mind-based technological evolution is here to make human synergy occur as a habit. To the point, sometime in the future it will be our life-habit as a society, and that to be “in-synergy” at work or in life is considered the moral norm.  In counterpoint then, to not be “in-synergy” at this future social point would be the equivalent of throwing garbage out the window of your plasma car.  Which by then, I am sure, would be a jail-able offense.

It is really very simple. Minds NEED other Minds that fit.

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Minds Needs Minds... that fit!

Minds Needs Minds... that fit!

That’s my take… the human mind wants to meet optimal other minds.

I think it is this simple. Defining “optimal” becomes interesting but let us assume it is about creating new “anythings.” The moment of insight “Ah-Ha” (…and yes, I spell it differently than the popular market and for good reason) is the most intoxicating experiential phenomena known to the human mind… So having more of these that are resonant to our innate and unique gifts and dispositions and doing so with others of complementary unique-ness is… well… a real watershed party. This is what our minds want AND need intrinsically – and are designed to create, are creating, and will continue to create for themselves.

There are few if any technologies in the world today that over time have evolved outside of this idea of mind-driven architecture, design and functionality.

I am sure I am not saying anything new but I hope I am saying it uniquely and therein reaching more “minds” in the process.

WeMe – Human Evolution Metrics & The EvoReVo Is Coming!

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“WeMe” – Metrics for the Evolution of Individuals and Humanity. 

Ah-Ha Tracker-SML 

WeMe is about the “we” of society as in “us” as a system of semi-interconnected human beings and the “me” of society as in “the individual”, and why and how they merge and combine and produce relationships of varying degrees of human synergy, e.g. productivity, unity, creativity output, etc.  It is also about the WeMe as a naturally and globally evolving system of individuals and how we can affect the quality and speed of that waiting evolution-revolution.
 Flo Tracker-SML
WeMe is about a new form of “Self” representation that is Raw, Direct and Natural. 
The more powerful result of a WeMe revolution will be built, initially, using raw data concerning insight or ah-ha events which throughout our daily lives. These insights or ah-ha events, and the patterns-of-ah-ha’s that emerge, will be easily recorded, automatically uploaded and dynamically illustrated, from the little ones to the big Eureka’s – while we work, play, walk, talk, wherever we are, whoever we are with face-to-face or virtually.
The Diary of Ah-Ha-SML
Most importantly, WeMe is about recording and representing the “patterns of our insights” over time and then correlating these patterns to what is going on within us and around us… our context, our actions, our relationships and even our thinking… over time. It is our patterns of insight, or what I call our Path-of-Ah-Ha, that we can get a clearer and true picture of our living and evolving Self.
Oh, did I not mention that WeMe is about coming to know and see and better live our innate gifts and dispositions, and from this, our TruSelf.  This is the real purpose to being able to actually see and come to understand the nature and patterns of your insights over time.
WeMe is all a piece of the rest of GET and LeCompany and LeToonz and The Library-of-Masters and The ArteFactory and SynchroNet and The Ageless Child (See: G.E.T. TheVision).  WeMe is simply the first market space I think I can begin to make all the rest come alive and into the market.


WeMe records our ah-ha’s right from our blackberry or iphone or palm or laptop.  These Ah-Ha (and Flo) tracking uploads are the first step towards a direct measure of your daily growth and, over time, patterns of that growth and development and, over a bit more time, your personal evolution.
Remember if it’s about Me then it is also about We, or as it applies to the individual it then also applies to clusters of individuals, and larger clusters and so on until it can represent a dynamic picture of the learning and the evolution of our society as a whole.

In the early 90’s I brought these personal and organizational learning and evolution measurement and representation software ideas into the market to test the water. As organizational IT solutions back then, and for the home pc children and tween market, the WeMe suite of software consisted of: The Ah-Ha Traker, The Flo-Traker and The Diary-(Path)-of-Ah-Ha as seen in the above CD package illustrations.  That was over 15 years ago. At this time I spelled “Tracker” without the “c” as “Traker” to make the phrase more unique.

The idea then was that people would be interested in visual representations, and other cool data visualizations, related to their personal (and human systems as org’s) growth, learning and evolution, and how this life process co-related to other Hu’s on the planet. Obviously, I was too early.  Not so today I’m hoping.

Ah-Ha /Flo Tracking is only the beginning.

If you have seen and read about my LeToonz characters and the topological world they live in called LeCozmos, you will know that ah-ha and flo are 2 of a family of  6 (and more coming) processes or states represented in the evolutionary model or ontology of mine.  In knowing this then you know that this is just the beginning and that many, many versions will be waiting to follow after this first version of WeMe which will be using Ah-Ha and Flo only. In other words, we have a very full pipeline of products to come and it is, and always has been, a matter of picking the best product-place and time to begin, which I think is WeMe and now… and then to pay very close attention to our human users.   

LeCozmos - The Analogue Wave-Space World were LeToonz lives

LeCozmos - The Analogue Wave-Space World were LeToonz lives

These Guys will help you find what makes you YOUnique!
These Guys will help you find what makes you YOUnique!





What does the very first version of WeMe have to do to be successful?

  • WeMe has to deliver, and continue to deliver, unique, genuine and personal value.
  • Users have to want to see what they “look like” as YOUniquely measured individuals, and as compared to others.
  • Users have to have ah-ha’s through tracking their ah-ha’s that they find valuable for themselves and others.
  • Metric visualization has to be outstanding.
  • YOUnique metric visualizations per YOUnique user must offer overlay and superpositioning features that are also outstanding.
  • Users have to want to share the “experience and the value” with others.
  • WeMe data upload has to be very easy to do and very little time to do it.
  • It has to look, sound and feel kewl as well as be kewl. 

The LeCozmos topology imagery will become the functional, dynamic 4-dimensional visualization medium. In LeCozmos we have an analogue topological system of evolving imagery that starts with a sign wave that becomes a mobius strip that evolves into a toroid and then into connecting toroids, and ultimately an nth dimensional nested-toroid that represents a singular YOUnique individual.  These toroids will be able to overlay upon each other to measure “fit” or potential human synergy.  That’s the plan anyway.

Making all this happen will take a ton of work and some cash.  The easy part it do start something simply, Versions 1.0-1.5 for example, and build up to this nested toroidal Version 3.0 correlative place.  
Version 1.0
Through their socnet interface (iphone, palm, wrist watch, blackberry, laptop, etc) the user enters numeric data that reflects the number of insights or “Ah-Ha” events they have had (or are having) at any point throughout their day (or when a user wakes up with dream insights to be recorded).  Users then have a choice to enter another discrete numeric which reflects their sense of time that has passed since they made their last entry.  Flo data reflects your “sense of time” passing or your experience of “felt-time.

Your Ah-Ha and Flo data entry behavior on your iPhone or Palm or Blackberry (etc) or laptop would be something like this:

  • You realize you are having an ah-ha, a series of ah-ha’s, or that you recently had an ah-ha or series apple-iphone-in-hand-thumbof ah-ha’s previously.
  • You hit (press, click, speak to) your Ah-Ha Tracker application icon on your “device” touch screen.
  • When the app opens you choose/press the icon “Ah-Ha Rec.”
  • The screen opens to your Ah-Ha Tracker image/metaphor which, in this case, you chose to be a series of different pizza sizes – could be shoes, golf links, etc.
  • You click the XL Pizza image 1x, the Large Pizza image 3x’s, the Medium Pizza image 10x’s and then hit the “Next” button.
  • You then you enter 30 in the new (next) FloTracker screen. (You just made a Flo record stating that it “feels like” 30 minutes have passed since the last time you entered data 2 hours ago.)
  • You close your phone and your data uploads to all of your various profile screens in Facebook, MySpace, Twitter (coming), LinkedIn, Hi-5, Plaxo, etc.
  • You can check to see your personal YOUnique Toroid and other personal YOUnique evolutionary data graphics online by hitting the Ah-Ha app and choose “MeMirror.” 
  • You can check to see everyone else’s, or the We of WeMe, by hitting the Ah-Ha app and choose “WeMirror.”

That’s it, your YOUnique Hu-Metric, or human-metric, record loaded up in 8-10 secs max!

 Version 2.0
This personal evolution-data metric adds up.  It becomes YOUniquely patterned and then it is superpostioned on everything you think and do. Everything you do as-in… places you travel physically; your web behavior and email content; your live meetings and web-meetings and dialogue and texting; your YouTube visits, posts and posts you check out; and most importantly “your own” work and content creation and content affecting work.

More really cool stuff comes alive with your WeMe Ah-Ha/Flo data over time – the “Compares” – comparisons w/Others.  Others that you know; and comparisons with people you cease to know; and correlations to people you do not yet know but that you have complementary and/or parallel “data-relations” with and, and, and…

You and others can, for the first time EVER, actually see and measure your growth, learning and evolution. You would be able to see your ah-ha and flo data patterns merge with your life “doing” and thinking” patterns… and those of others around you and around the world. 

Version 3.0
This is the transformational Version.  Here is where you will be able to go from who you are – based on where you have been – to who you are based on who you are born to be.

At the next level “WeMe” will help anybody who uploads genuine WeMe data discover their unique and natural gifts, talents and dispositions.  WeMe helps us discover and then live our TruSelf and as a seamless consequence, our destined Purpose… On-Purpose.

J. Brian Hennessy
Creator of LeToonz, LeCozmos, LeModel, The EvoReVo, The Ah-Ha Traker, Flo-Traker and Diary-of-Ah-Hazzz as a life measurement tool chest and more…

Comment_Andrea Marotti_

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I have been caught in your web for moment here and thought I’d extricate myself with a comment or two.  You have done so for me and it is only natural… as our areas of innately-driven interest are complementary – synergy begets natural NRG reciprocated…

*Excerpt from Andrea Marotti’s “Art of Innovation”: “Open Innovation – Corporate Venturing And Monetizing IP”

“You can stretch the life span of a product that has reached maturity by continuing to invest in R&D but it is risky and you better be as good as Apple at it.”

My Comment:

The only reason a computer platform, pc in this case, can stay away from the inevitability of future commoditization IMHO is because it is living in that unique space wherein R&D can maintain its lifespan beyond the norm.

That distinct commoditization-inhibiting commercial space is one that connects the human mind to other human minds.  This is a special zone of “doing.”

The pc lives here, as do other tech’s, hard and soft and downright ethereal.

Yes, Apple’s reinvents very well but they also just happen to have the helping hand of mind2mind commercial layer of business wherein your product can circumvent the commodity plunge if it develops and innovates in such a way as to consistently refine its relationship to consumer edge of mind-seamless-ness tech and do so through mirroring design and projections of functions and features of the human mind/brain… at feature/function introduction intervals which are at that edge of adoptive population ease and intrigue value, with functional value “demonstrates” right behind.

Okay, this is just too much fun in one morning.

Take care,


Written by JohnBrian

July 15, 2009 at 10:47 am

LeToonz on LeWave (…and defined but a little)

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These Guys will help you find what makes you YOUnique!
The LeToonz Crew helps you KNOW what makes you YOUnique!


The “Le” in Le Toonz refers to “Learning as Evolving. Toonz is cartoon with a Z. The Z means anything you want it to mean. The “Evolving” part refers to our development, growth and living fully each day.  It assumes, that we are all disposed in a multi-faceted fashion to do something significant with our lives.  LTZ is about some serious stuff but that’s not why kids buy them.  They buy them because they are new, fun and seem to make them feel better for some unexplainable reason.  That which we won’t explain through the consumed layer of Le Toonz we will touch on here.

LeToonz with LeCozmos provides a reflective model of the evolving individual and any group of individuals. It is a dynamic marriage that gives us our first illustrated and constantly updated and changing representation of who and what we are in any given moment, where we need to go and who we need to meet along the way to be and become our unique “SELF”… On Purpose.


LeTons to share. 

LeTons a’ fun ta’ come.

Right-On Rants – More proof that a certain EcoMind and this OneMind reality is, well, real.

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(This is a augmented copy of an Email I sent July 12, 2009 to a few friends and after my phone meeting with Brian Noguchi… that stirred me up. )

Thanks to my synchronistic meeting this AM with young and brilliant CEO, Brian Noguchi at I found this guy and his company:

And more proof my rants are right-on. 

Sample RightOn Rant: “Our Mind(s) is mirroring and projecting its design, functions, processes into our technology so that it can find “best fits” in other minds and those best or at least better “fits” give us that added synergy.  Mind-Mirrored systems of technologies will make this innately motivated effort as efficient as possible.”

Optimal Mind-to-MindTech-to-Mind connections are evolving more and more effectively and efficiently with our SocNet platforms today. We are more aggressively than ever searching for what we “think” are fuller forms of synergy. This is all possible thru optimized mirroring of the design and functions of our mind into our technology!”

Mind2MindTech2Mind: We will be, and some of us are already, uploading our SELF’s into a OneMind network.  The missing link in optimizing human synergies and therein the most effective human2human “connections” is that the representations of the individual YOUnique Self is missing as is, obviously, the agreed interpretive taxonomy of Self.  This taxonomy and our agreement with it as a start-point is, I believe,  THE bridge to the next phase of our human evolution. 

That interpretive, gift-centric Self-Taxonomy start-point is what I believe we have to offer through LeModel, LeToonz and LeCozmos.

Anyway, back to Rant-Instantiations… From this site: “Numenta is creating a new type of computing technology modeled on the structure and operation of the neocortex.”

from Mind of Clay

from Mind of Clay

See the link to support an emergent of an “Ecology-of-Mind” to a point wherein a new pardigm will come to be named.  Without a name it doesn’t exist to the larger “Most” population, right? Truth is, this new paradigm is here already, and has been operating incognito for decades… (and since homo-sapiens grew a set… of frontal lobes) nobody has stated the name out loud and at that “time” that “clicks” and naturally takes hold of most all of “us.” But a “they” will do so and that new paradgim name will be decided on soon.

I think EcoMnd is on the cloudy shortlist. OneMind is a “pop” close second. I love “K-Space” myself, but only as a future sub-culture of EcoMind.

My take, as you all know, is this idea of mind-mirroring and projection into technology which is a “determined” pattern and function motivated by our minds and for this innately driven purpose of the progressive optimization of human systems efficiency and enjoyment.

This is a basic bio-psycho-social-et al-whatever mind/brain thing folks. The brain wants more synergy to happen more often (… Hey and the human mind creates SocNet. Its ultimate purpose to gen-synergies).  Fairly simple really. More synergy creation begets better production of anything/everything… Including P&L’s.

Oh, and that same rant again…. an EcoMind conference event will be coming soon.  It has to.  Somebody is going to do it or something very akin to the idea of it. SocNet will be featured here as well as all tech that (appears to) reflect and mirror mind-design and function like… GUI’s, IT design and backbone, Org design behavioral models, psycho-bio-mimicry, mathematics used in analaytics modeling of human thought and behavior (as the same used in modeling memory and perception and sensory motor function), history and prognostics of web design, creation and evolution,  and more.

Re; Numenta, it is not so unusual to find that the gentleman that created this company uses quite a bit of my professors work/research, Karl H. Pribram, as a basis for his model.

Finally, there is a missing Technology content/ontology puzzle piece: Human “Self-Literacy” and Innate-Gift based “Self-Representation.”  So, LeToonz and LeCozmos is and will be needed soon and in parallel to socnet’s growth.

More specifically, I predict some form of human social-networking Ah-Ha Tracking and Flo-Tracking will become part of socnet platform very soon… <24 months.

Anyway, thanks for listening guys and gals.


“IT DAWNS ON US… we are almost-nearly-special; some of us are the quintessential symbols of special; many pseudo-specials out here in link-space BUT most all of US are not at all uniquely or YOUniquely special.”

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 “No longer is it something different worth pointing out. Our common continual experience is one of simple synergy.” (Heather O‘Daniel:


(* In scribbling here I found myself confronted with a certain friction as cognitive dissonance or pre-insight conundrum described as: Distinctions and parallels of “pure perception” and living ones natural gifts fully or BE-ing YOUnique.)

The amazing things within our tech space here and now, and to more fully come alive in the next 24 months or so (2011-12), will make more obvious the most amazing missing piece of the evolving tech puzzle. The fact that it is missing amongst all the pressure of what will already exist will make it more like a revolting piece of that puzzle… AND the realization of the nature of this missing piece will blow our collective minds.

It is this “No way!” missing puzzle piece which has taken up (on and off) the last 30 years of my life. It is my Purpose and is has been a real pain in the arse.

All this tech emerging around us is amazing. Really amazing. And a certain palatable fragmentation abounds in parallel and in concert to the kaleidoscope unfoldings.

So, here we are, all of us “getting connected”, and all of “US” (Borg?) writing and sharing and virtually “being” all this and/or all that, and thinking “we are the bravado today, the brave del nuevo mundo!”; “isn’t it great”; “aren’t we just the bad-ass bomb!”; or however this age-old sentiment might be stated by our hyper-connecting, tech-savvy humanity of all ages and around the world.. and on this particular and temporal day…

In the midst of our own glorious tech-connect-erupting cacophony there will come this wave of realization. IT DAWNS ON US… we are almost-nearly-special; some of us are the quintessential symbols of special; many pseudo-specials out here in link-space  BUT most all of US are not at all uniquely or YOUniquely special.

We are now and have worked hard at become Borg’s having all bought into and now proudly wearing our Special-Masks. There are very few “pure-perceptors” among us… very, very few.  And this is the realization and this is the monstrous paradigm shift coming.

The “I AM” or the truly YOUnique special-ness of an individual has been out of “order”, so to speak (I smile).

It is wrapped well in symbolic unique-mask packaging for 97% (Yep, my big WAG) of the information-interactive population which is about 24% ( internet users) of the total global population… at the annual moment.

And yes, I am assuming that living ones gifts does necessitate some “connectivity” or interaction with the technology of the time…now or in the past.

That said I think we know that a human being can achieve pure-perception without any technology or connectivity and in fact these advances may inhibit, and make more difficult over time, ones ability to achieve pure-perception.*

Oh, and as you may know, the “Guru’s” out there are not necessarily living their innate gifts to the fullest nor live the sight of “pure-percept”, by the by. Those that “teach” such can be the worst symbolic offenders, i.e. the biggest “YOUnique Self” frauds of all.

So, for me this is the missing piece – how to define the YOUniqueness so that “I” can in fact do the natural and potent synergizing – that way of being that will not need to be something we “point out.”– as it will simply be the way we live.

The hope is that these articulated notions of Gift-living and the living natural human synergy as a habit will be experienced as we now experience breathing.  As we talk now about daily events in our lives, we will talk then, in the future, about new and provocative human synergies that unfold.  

I said 2050 in 1986 and I think the date +/- 5 years is the same today.  That is when I think this dawning will have become old hat for the masses, a habit. Maybe holoports will be in every apartment dwelling too. I suspect so.

Written by JohnBrian

July 10, 2009 at 1:00 pm

The Para-diggim’ of Paradigms… and we are talkin’ massive new connecting times ahead my friends

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Paradigms shifts occur at critical points of social fragmentation. Each time a shift occurs it gets a name, sometimes more than one name. Each generation sees at least one.  They are born through some form of innately correlated accumulation and interconnection, like a propagating wave across multiple dimensions of our society.
We have had major and minor shifts, with harmonics and tremors occurring with, emanating from and emitting after each, like the Industrial Revolution and Cloud Computing, evolutionary economics, the digital era, the Informational Age, Feminism, Tweeting, and so on.

It is a semi-predictive event, these shifts, by those that have that type of sensitivity. Others just do those things, participant in those day-to-day activities over time that makes the shift occur. Others are conscious “bleeding edge” players in the business of the emergence itself which end up getting connected and merged into a new fabric of thought and new look and feel of human activity and promise.

The “pre-shift-moment” of business, and/or cultural and/or scientific fragmentation or critical-expansion can be simply illustrated by an unusual mass of variety and a certain dizzying array and multiplicity of categories which have surfaced within a community, in this case within business as a micro domain and within human culture as the global domain.

Artist Rendering Image of ParadigmShift_August 2007_mikebougher

Artist Rendering Image of ParadigmShift_August 2007_mikebougher

A “Shift’s” transforming affect can be qualitatively measured by the extent of fragmentation or over-varied domains of human activity happening around the world prior to the shift; when it becomes more and more obvious that there is a need for simplification and consolidation, when there is simply too much stuff and when you see Miller’s “Chunking” Law being broken, 7 plus or minus 2, in the descriptions of any major category of human activity, like, let’s say business with this interesting and these innately interconnected categories of activities:  Green Technology, Digital Educational, Social Networking, Social Learning, Mobile Infrastructure, SaaS, Cloud Computing and CaaS, Human Learning, Measurement and Performance IT.

 At this time we are witnessing something unique when it comes to a shift.  This shift is not just in technology, or business or the culture.  This shift affects all of these domains.  They are, in affect, one unnamed domain. The timing is also interesting.  Few would negate the import of shift or the timing of such. That said, this shift is a unique.  It, in effect, is a multi-domain paradigmatic movement or eruption. 

So far we have seemingly unconnected and semi-connected technology movements, as an example of one such fragmented domain, with each appearing to us to be relatively revolutionary on their own, e.g. Mobile telecomm, IMing, Twittering, Google, Linux, iphone, 2nd Life, Wifi, facebook (et al), SaaS, CaaS, CleanTech and so much more, but these are all symptomatic. These are all a part of an as yet to be named whole. SaaS will still be SaaS, and it will evolve on its own, but with this coming emergence, its’ role will be seen as being interconnected in ways unseen before as a whole, and with other technologies so that they have a broader and fuller application purpose.  The interconnections can only be seen though a new lens and a unique and emergent framework – an emergent Purpose.

There has never been a convergent, wholistic, multi-stream, multi-domain paradigm eruption-as-movement of this type in human history. Typically one explosive invention, one ideological thought shift, one global incident sparks or leads to a shift and transformation in another area of our lives or a field of science or technology or belief system.  It is rare for multiple domains to erupt together and seamlessly and within the same cultural moment in time, let’s say 2-5 years.

These combined fibrils of tech, business and culture, which are ready to connect and erupt in conjoined fashion, will consolidate the seemingly isolated and multiple business domains and technology domains we have before us at this very moment. They are simply all a piece of an emergent fabric that has yet to be named.

Once the fragmentation comes to the end of its cycle, the shift, as yet unnamed, begins to be perceived by “us” or the fist “social” time. The consolidating pattern, which in fact has always been the motivating foundation of these fibrils, domains, currently named areas of human activity, finally surfaces in small but significant ways. A dorsal fin there, a tail feather here, a eyelash, a melody, pieces of a whole amidst fragmented chunks of our world – like blind men touching different parts of an elephant, our previous descriptions where of a thing that was really a facet of a larger, unknown but becoming and becoming known, thing.

It surfaces because it is time for these disparate domains of technology and business to naturally generate a needed and new framework. Each of these domains of human action are inherently motivated to be applied with a greater purpose;  for a greater and fuller individual human and human systems movement-as-evolution, growth, transformation – to propagate the next “understanding” of an optimal human and cultural condition – a new novel wholeness – in our world.

With its isolated manifestations, it is then time for the connecting to begin. The connecting of the domains, as dots of a new pattern, begets the naming of that new thing – that new architecture of thought. Somebody comes up with a name at a certain time and a significant majority of other human minds concur and so it is. It is so known and it becomes the known history.

It is truly an amazing individual human and human systems or social and cultural process.  We, as a system of human beings, a system of unique minds, by our very nature move and dance in this fashion.  This IS our basic dance step.

It is simply what we do, all of us as a whole.  We Evolve. We Dance.

This time it is different though.  This time we are naming the process of shifting and the movement in and of itself.  The process is becoming real. It is growing into a technology and business and cultural (life-style) universe in and of itself.

Constructive wavefronts_Computer Generated Hologram

Constructive wavefronts_Computer Generated Hologram

The ever evolving human Self and human system of Self’s is the new wave.  It is about an Ecology of Mind, and ecology of human and human systems evolution.  It may be called EcoMind, or HoloMind or OneMind, etc.: like I said, it is all about timing around the emergence and who is listening and who gets “picked-up” by the major-domo movers and shakers of the moment in that time.  It might be an eight year old… The fact that this is a possibility tells us much of the nature and direction of quality of our “evolving.”

 We grow our tentacles and then we connect them and create a basis for the next growth space which is followed by new waves and new tentacles and domains and fibrils which then become interconnected once again to the degree where they form another solid space, another platform.

This current wave or thread or fibril has recently show itself threading its way through all of these industries and technology categories in such a way as to provide a new way of seeing their purpose and reason. 

 This next wave I believe deals directly with the heretofore phenomena of individual and systems evolution.  This is not learning. This is not about change, is it about natural and innately motivated transformations. And, this wave has something about it which makes it real, objectify-able, marketable and sellable.  It can be quantified and it can be spoken about out loud, it is pop-cultural.  It, personal and social Evolution, has finally become a fact of life in the consumer consciousness. It will be no longer all about a degree, or THE job, a career, a boy or girl or brand name shoes and pants, or that secluded and yet branded vacation spot or emergent winery… it is going to be all about Evolving.

I will discuss the interconnections as they can now be framed within an evolutionary context of thought and will speak to the emergent business that come out of this connectivity across these platforms of technology and industry and culture. I will speak to the ecological, social and economy consequences which I believe will result from this movement taking a permanent foot and heart-hold within the deepest threads and fabric our humanity and finally, to the felt consequences of this grand movement as it may affect each of us in our daily lives.


J. Brian Hennessy

Written by JohnBrian

July 10, 2009 at 8:35 am

LinkedIn Answers: What, in your opinion, are the Ten Key Success Factors (KSFs) in Entrepreneurial Startups?

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My reply is constrained via 4 variables: 

1. Start-up defined as an entity made up of the “founding” body of people who have successfully begun generating revenue from an invention of their conception and sale.

2. I will focus on the entrepreneurial start-up founded by the “inventrepreneur” because they illustrate and represent the consummate entrepreneurial scenario in my book.

3. I will focus only on the start-up entrepreneur of present and the future as their operating world is unique to that of their entrepreneurial “ancestors.”

4. My answer will be KSF’s that are human asset centric, as in the start-up founding team and founder(s).


I will add a phenomenological component to the KSF’s:  Synchronicity. 

Business Synchronicity’s (as life phenomena) can be seen as the component called “luck.”

For the start-up this form of luck, this “induced luck”, is an essential ingredient to success and needed in greater “quantities” than that of a mature entity. Now, I am NOT talking about “attraction” in the now popular sense of the word. The question is what makes timely occurrences of synchronicity, as induced-luck, happen and within the context of an entrepreneurial start-up.

My KSF is a bit of an Uber-KSF: that the founder and founding team MUST be made up of individuals who have a conscious, discrete and analogue/continuum awareness of their natural and innate gifts, talents and dispositions vs. those things they have learned.

This is neither an obvious attribute nor common knowledge by a long shot. If I asked most anybody walking the Stanford campus today to define for me their perception of their innate gifts and their innate limitations as inversely related to those gifts they could not.  Few can.

Here is why I believe a more highly coherent and conscious sense of Self-knowledge is THE essential ingredient which then affects the doing of all the rest including the inducement of synchronistic events and as it applies to current and future entrepreneurial start-up companies.

From today forward the most successful entrepreneurs will have an unusual awareness of their gifts and as such they will also have an uncanny awareness of their limitations.

In knowing your limitations your then know who you need around you to make up your “optimal synergistic” and success probable team. You will also experience certain synchronicity in the “finding” of, or “resonance” to, these founding team folks.

One of the main success issues Self-Gift-Knowing immediately takes care of is the choice of the singular idea to pursue.  An entrepreneur that is not the IP creator may discover the market need first and then go after the IP or an IP creator to answer the need… the same applies. The successful “start-up” choice should be based on the inherent ability of the creator/developer(s) to make it happen full cycle… which leads us back to gifts, talents, dispositions and one more attribute, the available of an almost infinite supply of human energy.

The energy (NRG) to go from concept to revenue generation is simply incredible. How much NRG you can apply to a given project is innately derived. If an entrepreneur is doing what they are “born” to do then the available NRG should be almost infinite by nature.

For me the team is HUGE.  And HUGE means the pure existence of human Synergy. Everybody talks about the experience of “synergy” in a team space but for the most part it is just talk. Real Synergy only happens when there is natural “complementarity” among the team members. Natural complementarity is founded on the “fit of gifts” and natural dissolution of any limitations as seen of the team as a whole.

One’s innate gifts are the basis of one’s innate passions that correlate to doing work that is “on-purpose”, so to speak.  If it just makes a boatload of cash it’ll kill you and in the end feel worthless. This in not a success… I assume.

Written by JohnBrian

July 9, 2009 at 2:54 pm