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How To Recognize Our Innate and Natural Gifts – The Source of Our True Self – Part I

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As most of you know, my life-work centers around personal and social human evolution and to see this idea of “evolution” as a process that occurs within a individuals lifetime.  The work is founded on the notion that we, as unique human beings, have a fundamental need to:

  • more effectively express and live our natural gifts and dispositions;
  • discover healthier and fuller human relationship synergy born naturally from this truer “Self”;
  • come to know sooner, and live more fully with intention, our YOUnique “Life-Purpose.”

What I wish to do here is very simple.  The beginning bottom line to living one’s gifts in one’s lifetime is to come to discover them, to value them, and then act on manifesting and living them most fully and in our daily life over time.  

This idea of discovering and living our natural gifts and dispositions “over time” cannot be over stated. This process is anything but a quick fix.  It is a lifetime deal. A lifetime of learning is involved in this idea of Self evolving. As it should be.  Personal evolution is The Never Ending (life) Story for each of us.

Now, invariably, and naturally, when my conversations with people in real or virtual life get to this point I will get the same question from someone in the audience, or that person I am speaking with directly in front of me (… and their inner-dialog is most likely something along these lines, “BlahBlahdiddlyblah”)

Here’s THE question:


I have capitalized this question as the speaking voice of the inquirer typically carries some shade of emotion. My answer is surprisingly simple, even elegant, but the application of the insight found in the answer is incredibly difficult to do.

Here’s my reply:  

“As an adult we can see our natural gifts through our reaction to others… over time.  Specifically, it’s those things that consistently frustrate us about other people that represents our natural and innate gifts and dispositions.”

It is those things others can’t do, that we do easily, that reflect our innate gifts and dispositions. As an adult, with life memories, and built-up pattern of thought and behavior, this is the simplest way I know of to begin seeing one’s naturally gifted Self…

It is quite illuminating as we consider our own negative reactions to others as being unreasonable. All along we thought they were the idiots, or simple minded, or just plain incompetent, when it turns out they were none of these, that we were simply not accurately valuing that which made us unique.


4 Responses

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  1. […] The Fact: If it is a true life-passion then by default that “passion” MUST be founded and fueled by our innate and natural Gifts & Dispositions…… […]

  2. I love this notion myself — but what do you say to the folks who believe that our frustration with others is simply a reflection of our “shadow”, our own inner weak spots?

    For example, if I get frustrated with people who don’t seem open and curious about new ideas — how do I know whether this is a reflection of my gift of curiousity OR my own tendencies to get stuck in my own ideas and paradigms? Just askin’… 😉

    Dr Karen

    May 22, 2011 at 1:06 pm

  3. Hi Karen, thanks for the comment.

    I use this question as a “Proof of Gifts” starter…. and also to point out, with visceral immediacy, the reality of an “ah-ha” experience in and of itself (and more) for the person(s) in front of me.

    Each time I use this scenario w/people there is always a 2-3 beat pause and this is where the reflection and thinking begin (the AskYourSelf phase); and then they have this literal “moment” of LetGo;(and maybe some more AskingYourSelf); and then the Ah-Ha(s)… this linear process is invariable.

    Now, I make sure they know this has happened to them (using video helps as the changing facial expressions are preciously revealing of each person’s phase shift); and recognize the uniquely personal phenomena-as-process right then and there and invariable it occurs uniquely for them; as a function of their memories; their Self.

    Karen, as we both know, the fact that you ask the question speaks to the genuineness of your Curious” gene 😉

    Now, about your very valid query about “…that consistently frustrates us about other people…” as potentially revealing one’s “shadow” self-spaces, or weak-points within our Self’s, i.e. the opposite of what I propose is revealed for/to the person.

    Well, I think the one factor that ensures the hoped for direction of answer – the “gift-revelation” ah-ha type answer – is that I typically add to this question something like, “… it is those things you find to be a no-brainer to do yourself, an almost effortless act and that oddly enough others cannot seem to do as easily…”, and so on.

    This tends to refine the direction of thought as they consider the personal ah-ha’s (about their natural ah-ha’s in fact) and this YOUnique-ness as a tangible Quality-of-Self. I am asking them to grope within themselves to reveal something that for the most part we would prefer remain hidden.

    Ah, to look in the mirror and take it all on!


    June 6, 2011 at 4:55 pm

  4. Hello I’m Tracy.I’ve just caught up your article seconds ago when I was pondering what innate gifts mean.All along….I realized that people are our mirrors abt our gifts and the things inside us that we need to clear up.Maybe they incarnated so that they can help us even though they may know they aren’t going to be liked.


    January 8, 2015 at 12:34 am

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