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“What kind of ????? are You?” The Amazing Yearning… for a Real, True, Unique Self.

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I actually saw “Asian” fill the question marks in the above quoted title of a quiz on Facebook.

It was one of the hundreds of “What kind of ??? are you?” quizzes that have spawned into the online social worldsince 2009. You can “Self” defining quizzes such as “What kind of dog or drunk or animal or  seaweed… you are.”  Here’s a blog post almost 2 years later by someone else on seeing the same pattern:

I see these quizzes as a psychological phenomena in the marketplace. There appears an incredibly pervasive “need” to define one’s Self. Further, the jesting style in many of these Self-revelatory quizzes and then the sharing of Self-quiz results reinforces the high degree of sublimated yearning for validation – the need for some form of discrete personal description – of personal identity and the verification of personal meaning, worth and value.

Scary Amazing!

So, the yearning increases each day and brings us to the obvious question.

How do we SELF-Represent, and better yet, how do we represent our YOUnique-ness!?

Holo_letterA_4m_RealBin2New words and phrases will begin to emerge as well.  Phrases such as TruU, TruSelf… RI-Real Intelligence, YOUnique… Aha-Moment, Self-Rep, RealU, The EvoReVo!

More and more telltale “lingo” will anticipate an extremely exciting emerging market tsunami. It will come in waves over the next 10 years, with one discreet wave making many of us conscious of its arrival.


This is one of the great multi-decade, era-waves coming to crash our life, family, business and technology shores. Actually it has been knocking since the beginning of human time… it is only now that this particular mass-movement can be born – that the technological and psycho-social readiness is in place to resonant and act.

(There are so, so many instantiation of this coming…)

The interpretive process-model by which humanity can see it’s innate and True SELF more clearly and over time…this is the great and emergent quest.

It is the ultimate purpose of technology – to serve the evolution of a uniquely and individually gifted and inherently and powerfully synergistic collective of humanity and over time… (IMHO)

Let us be conscious of that(!), and in the process, and for the first time, be able to make this idea of Human Consciousness actually cool and practical, best yet, embrace it through discreet matricies of measurable variables and patterns by which entrepreneurs can actually make money and we can actually our personhood as a Self-Evolving!

 The autopoietic possibilities involved in human and “HuSys” evolution and getting our arms around “healthfully” accelerating that process… naturally,

…this is THE next big 50-100 year deal.


2 Responses

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  1. Hmmm…as a single “node” in that larger emerging consciousness, can I actually become consciously aware of the nature and capabilities of the larger Whole?

    I’m thinking even of Jung’s collective conscious and unconscious — the real power in the brain is in the non-conscious bits, not the little amount that gets pushed up to awareness. The power of the “collective unconscious” exceeds that of the “collective conscious”. What makes us confident that we can consciously wisely drive this emergent process of a collective Self? Just askin’….

    Dr Karen

    December 3, 2010 at 11:30 am

  2. Thanks for stopping by and saying “Hello” Dr. Karen.

    In reply…

    “Hmmm…as a single “node” in that larger emerging consciousness, can I actually become consciously aware of the nature and capabilities of the larger Whole?”

    Not as long as we use our “sensory-lens” by which to attempt to capture a view or sense of it. Now, as a large and complex interwoven nest of connected, communicative, pragmatically intuitive and synergistic nodes, we would have fostered a lovely beginning. But first, these nodes-as-Self’s need to evolve a bit further down the path and towards a greater coherence and definition as to the who, what and why of their individual “Self(s).” Wholeness as human synergy is, I think, the only path to witnessing the wholeness within which it exists. The synergy and sense of the whole we live within (“within?”… I hate the limits of language) will always be controlled by the coherence of the parts. Wholeness, and the ability to see, and therein healthfully and proactively affect, the whole of anything, I think, will need the opened, conscious and more highly coherent minds of many YOUnique Self’s. My role in this is helping that unconscious, innately gifted and disposed, healthy and purpose-destined Self emerge sooner than later and around the globe of this and the next humanity


    “What makes us confident that we can consciously wisely drive this emergent process of a collective Self?”

    Well, first, if possible, it would take just that, “Confidence.” Now if you believe confidence is built upon the concept of human “Competence” (K. H. Pribram again, I just can’t get away from Karl for the life of me) now then, we at least have a notion of “basis.”

    I see the collective unconscious – that submerged bit of iceberg – as that which we slowly and steadily (too slowly to date I’m afraid) emerge from, as the mystery-constant of Self and Us and a fundamental motivation for inquiry itself; and even the evolution of dominant waves of technology (the Internet itself and now social networking and so on…). Per my own focus, the development of our/that uniqueness of Self is seen in that struggle for a manifest-awareness of innate gifts and dispositions, conjoined with environmental resonance via role models , education and all that jazz, wherein we (can) learn to evolve this implicate Self more consciously, and by default live that Self with greater intention and purpose.

    A collective of such, of more and more conscious and living Self’s, by nature and over time, becomes more coherently and consciously synergistic as a culture as a more mindful (spirit-full assumed here with mindful) Ecology-of-Mind… this is the movement I speak of and I see as 3+ generations in the making. Today but ripples we see, in 2-3 generations it is my hope this will be a common platform of thought, action and natural motive for interaction, as common as the alphabet and algebra as living curriculum in our lives.


    December 3, 2010 at 1:47 pm

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