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I have been caught in your web for moment here and thought I’d extricate myself with a comment or two.  You have done so for me and it is only natural… as our areas of innately-driven interest are complementary – synergy begets natural NRG reciprocated…

*Excerpt from Andrea Marotti’s “Art of Innovation”: “Open Innovation – Corporate Venturing And Monetizing IP”

“You can stretch the life span of a product that has reached maturity by continuing to invest in R&D but it is risky and you better be as good as Apple at it.”

My Comment:

The only reason a computer platform, pc in this case, can stay away from the inevitability of future commoditization IMHO is because it is living in that unique space wherein R&D can maintain its lifespan beyond the norm.

That distinct commoditization-inhibiting commercial space is one that connects the human mind to other human minds.  This is a special zone of “doing.”

The pc lives here, as do other tech’s, hard and soft and downright ethereal.

Yes, Apple’s reinvents very well but they also just happen to have the helping hand of mind2mind commercial layer of business wherein your product can circumvent the commodity plunge if it develops and innovates in such a way as to consistently refine its relationship to consumer edge of mind-seamless-ness tech and do so through mirroring design and projections of functions and features of the human mind/brain… at feature/function introduction intervals which are at that edge of adoptive population ease and intrigue value, with functional value “demonstrates” right behind.

Okay, this is just too much fun in one morning.

Take care,



Written by JohnBrian

July 15, 2009 at 10:47 am

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