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The Evolution Revolution Is Now!

LeToonz on LeWave (…and defined but a little)

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These Guys will help you find what makes you YOUnique!
The LeToonz Crew helps you KNOW what makes you YOUnique!


The “Le” in Le Toonz refers to “Learning as Evolving. Toonz is cartoon with a Z. The Z means anything you want it to mean. The “Evolving” part refers to our development, growth and living fully each day.  It assumes, that we are all disposed in a multi-faceted fashion to do something significant with our lives.  LTZ is about some serious stuff but that’s not why kids buy them.  They buy them because they are new, fun and seem to make them feel better for some unexplainable reason.  That which we won’t explain through the consumed layer of Le Toonz we will touch on here.

LeToonz with LeCozmos provides a reflective model of the evolving individual and any group of individuals. It is a dynamic marriage that gives us our first illustrated and constantly updated and changing representation of who and what we are in any given moment, where we need to go and who we need to meet along the way to be and become our unique “SELF”… On Purpose.


LeTons to share. 

LeTons a’ fun ta’ come.


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