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Right-On Rants – More proof that a certain EcoMind and this OneMind reality is, well, real.

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(This is a augmented copy of an Email I sent July 12, 2009 to a few friends and after my phone meeting with Brian Noguchi… that stirred me up. )

Thanks to my synchronistic meeting this AM with young and brilliant CEO, Brian Noguchi at I found this guy and his company:

And more proof my rants are right-on. 

Sample RightOn Rant: “Our Mind(s) is mirroring and projecting its design, functions, processes into our technology so that it can find “best fits” in other minds and those best or at least better “fits” give us that added synergy.  Mind-Mirrored systems of technologies will make this innately motivated effort as efficient as possible.”

Optimal Mind-to-MindTech-to-Mind connections are evolving more and more effectively and efficiently with our SocNet platforms today. We are more aggressively than ever searching for what we “think” are fuller forms of synergy. This is all possible thru optimized mirroring of the design and functions of our mind into our technology!”

Mind2MindTech2Mind: We will be, and some of us are already, uploading our SELF’s into a OneMind network.  The missing link in optimizing human synergies and therein the most effective human2human “connections” is that the representations of the individual YOUnique Self is missing as is, obviously, the agreed interpretive taxonomy of Self.  This taxonomy and our agreement with it as a start-point is, I believe,  THE bridge to the next phase of our human evolution. 

That interpretive, gift-centric Self-Taxonomy start-point is what I believe we have to offer through LeModel, LeToonz and LeCozmos.

Anyway, back to Rant-Instantiations… From this site: “Numenta is creating a new type of computing technology modeled on the structure and operation of the neocortex.”

from Mind of Clay

from Mind of Clay

See the link to support an emergent of an “Ecology-of-Mind” to a point wherein a new pardigm will come to be named.  Without a name it doesn’t exist to the larger “Most” population, right? Truth is, this new paradigm is here already, and has been operating incognito for decades… (and since homo-sapiens grew a set… of frontal lobes) nobody has stated the name out loud and at that “time” that “clicks” and naturally takes hold of most all of “us.” But a “they” will do so and that new paradgim name will be decided on soon.

I think EcoMnd is on the cloudy shortlist. OneMind is a “pop” close second. I love “K-Space” myself, but only as a future sub-culture of EcoMind.

My take, as you all know, is this idea of mind-mirroring and projection into technology which is a “determined” pattern and function motivated by our minds and for this innately driven purpose of the progressive optimization of human systems efficiency and enjoyment.

This is a basic bio-psycho-social-et al-whatever mind/brain thing folks. The brain wants more synergy to happen more often (… Hey and the human mind creates SocNet. Its ultimate purpose to gen-synergies).  Fairly simple really. More synergy creation begets better production of anything/everything… Including P&L’s.

Oh, and that same rant again…. an EcoMind conference event will be coming soon.  It has to.  Somebody is going to do it or something very akin to the idea of it. SocNet will be featured here as well as all tech that (appears to) reflect and mirror mind-design and function like… GUI’s, IT design and backbone, Org design behavioral models, psycho-bio-mimicry, mathematics used in analaytics modeling of human thought and behavior (as the same used in modeling memory and perception and sensory motor function), history and prognostics of web design, creation and evolution,  and more.

Re; Numenta, it is not so unusual to find that the gentleman that created this company uses quite a bit of my professors work/research, Karl H. Pribram, as a basis for his model.

Finally, there is a missing Technology content/ontology puzzle piece: Human “Self-Literacy” and Innate-Gift based “Self-Representation.”  So, LeToonz and LeCozmos is and will be needed soon and in parallel to socnet’s growth.

More specifically, I predict some form of human social-networking Ah-Ha Tracking and Flo-Tracking will become part of socnet platform very soon… <24 months.

Anyway, thanks for listening guys and gals.



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