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The Para-diggim’ of Paradigms… and we are talkin’ massive new connecting times ahead my friends

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Paradigms shifts occur at critical points of social fragmentation. Each time a shift occurs it gets a name, sometimes more than one name. Each generation sees at least one.  They are born through some form of innately correlated accumulation and interconnection, like a propagating wave across multiple dimensions of our society.
We have had major and minor shifts, with harmonics and tremors occurring with, emanating from and emitting after each, like the Industrial Revolution and Cloud Computing, evolutionary economics, the digital era, the Informational Age, Feminism, Tweeting, and so on.

It is a semi-predictive event, these shifts, by those that have that type of sensitivity. Others just do those things, participant in those day-to-day activities over time that makes the shift occur. Others are conscious “bleeding edge” players in the business of the emergence itself which end up getting connected and merged into a new fabric of thought and new look and feel of human activity and promise.

The “pre-shift-moment” of business, and/or cultural and/or scientific fragmentation or critical-expansion can be simply illustrated by an unusual mass of variety and a certain dizzying array and multiplicity of categories which have surfaced within a community, in this case within business as a micro domain and within human culture as the global domain.

Artist Rendering Image of ParadigmShift_August 2007_mikebougher

Artist Rendering Image of ParadigmShift_August 2007_mikebougher

A “Shift’s” transforming affect can be qualitatively measured by the extent of fragmentation or over-varied domains of human activity happening around the world prior to the shift; when it becomes more and more obvious that there is a need for simplification and consolidation, when there is simply too much stuff and when you see Miller’s “Chunking” Law being broken, 7 plus or minus 2, in the descriptions of any major category of human activity, like, let’s say business with this interesting and these innately interconnected categories of activities:  Green Technology, Digital Educational, Social Networking, Social Learning, Mobile Infrastructure, SaaS, Cloud Computing and CaaS, Human Learning, Measurement and Performance IT.

 At this time we are witnessing something unique when it comes to a shift.  This shift is not just in technology, or business or the culture.  This shift affects all of these domains.  They are, in affect, one unnamed domain. The timing is also interesting.  Few would negate the import of shift or the timing of such. That said, this shift is a unique.  It, in effect, is a multi-domain paradigmatic movement or eruption. 

So far we have seemingly unconnected and semi-connected technology movements, as an example of one such fragmented domain, with each appearing to us to be relatively revolutionary on their own, e.g. Mobile telecomm, IMing, Twittering, Google, Linux, iphone, 2nd Life, Wifi, facebook (et al), SaaS, CaaS, CleanTech and so much more, but these are all symptomatic. These are all a part of an as yet to be named whole. SaaS will still be SaaS, and it will evolve on its own, but with this coming emergence, its’ role will be seen as being interconnected in ways unseen before as a whole, and with other technologies so that they have a broader and fuller application purpose.  The interconnections can only be seen though a new lens and a unique and emergent framework – an emergent Purpose.

There has never been a convergent, wholistic, multi-stream, multi-domain paradigm eruption-as-movement of this type in human history. Typically one explosive invention, one ideological thought shift, one global incident sparks or leads to a shift and transformation in another area of our lives or a field of science or technology or belief system.  It is rare for multiple domains to erupt together and seamlessly and within the same cultural moment in time, let’s say 2-5 years.

These combined fibrils of tech, business and culture, which are ready to connect and erupt in conjoined fashion, will consolidate the seemingly isolated and multiple business domains and technology domains we have before us at this very moment. They are simply all a piece of an emergent fabric that has yet to be named.

Once the fragmentation comes to the end of its cycle, the shift, as yet unnamed, begins to be perceived by “us” or the fist “social” time. The consolidating pattern, which in fact has always been the motivating foundation of these fibrils, domains, currently named areas of human activity, finally surfaces in small but significant ways. A dorsal fin there, a tail feather here, a eyelash, a melody, pieces of a whole amidst fragmented chunks of our world – like blind men touching different parts of an elephant, our previous descriptions where of a thing that was really a facet of a larger, unknown but becoming and becoming known, thing.

It surfaces because it is time for these disparate domains of technology and business to naturally generate a needed and new framework. Each of these domains of human action are inherently motivated to be applied with a greater purpose;  for a greater and fuller individual human and human systems movement-as-evolution, growth, transformation – to propagate the next “understanding” of an optimal human and cultural condition – a new novel wholeness – in our world.

With its isolated manifestations, it is then time for the connecting to begin. The connecting of the domains, as dots of a new pattern, begets the naming of that new thing – that new architecture of thought. Somebody comes up with a name at a certain time and a significant majority of other human minds concur and so it is. It is so known and it becomes the known history.

It is truly an amazing individual human and human systems or social and cultural process.  We, as a system of human beings, a system of unique minds, by our very nature move and dance in this fashion.  This IS our basic dance step.

It is simply what we do, all of us as a whole.  We Evolve. We Dance.

This time it is different though.  This time we are naming the process of shifting and the movement in and of itself.  The process is becoming real. It is growing into a technology and business and cultural (life-style) universe in and of itself.

Constructive wavefronts_Computer Generated Hologram

Constructive wavefronts_Computer Generated Hologram

The ever evolving human Self and human system of Self’s is the new wave.  It is about an Ecology of Mind, and ecology of human and human systems evolution.  It may be called EcoMind, or HoloMind or OneMind, etc.: like I said, it is all about timing around the emergence and who is listening and who gets “picked-up” by the major-domo movers and shakers of the moment in that time.  It might be an eight year old… The fact that this is a possibility tells us much of the nature and direction of quality of our “evolving.”

 We grow our tentacles and then we connect them and create a basis for the next growth space which is followed by new waves and new tentacles and domains and fibrils which then become interconnected once again to the degree where they form another solid space, another platform.

This current wave or thread or fibril has recently show itself threading its way through all of these industries and technology categories in such a way as to provide a new way of seeing their purpose and reason. 

 This next wave I believe deals directly with the heretofore phenomena of individual and systems evolution.  This is not learning. This is not about change, is it about natural and innately motivated transformations. And, this wave has something about it which makes it real, objectify-able, marketable and sellable.  It can be quantified and it can be spoken about out loud, it is pop-cultural.  It, personal and social Evolution, has finally become a fact of life in the consumer consciousness. It will be no longer all about a degree, or THE job, a career, a boy or girl or brand name shoes and pants, or that secluded and yet branded vacation spot or emergent winery… it is going to be all about Evolving.

I will discuss the interconnections as they can now be framed within an evolutionary context of thought and will speak to the emergent business that come out of this connectivity across these platforms of technology and industry and culture. I will speak to the ecological, social and economy consequences which I believe will result from this movement taking a permanent foot and heart-hold within the deepest threads and fabric our humanity and finally, to the felt consequences of this grand movement as it may affect each of us in our daily lives.


J. Brian Hennessy


Written by JohnBrian

July 10, 2009 at 8:35 am

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