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“IT DAWNS ON US… we are almost-nearly-special; some of us are the quintessential symbols of special; many pseudo-specials out here in link-space BUT most all of US are not at all uniquely or YOUniquely special.”

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 “No longer is it something different worth pointing out. Our common continual experience is one of simple synergy.” (Heather O‘Daniel:


(* In scribbling here I found myself confronted with a certain friction as cognitive dissonance or pre-insight conundrum described as: Distinctions and parallels of “pure perception” and living ones natural gifts fully or BE-ing YOUnique.)

The amazing things within our tech space here and now, and to more fully come alive in the next 24 months or so (2011-12), will make more obvious the most amazing missing piece of the evolving tech puzzle. The fact that it is missing amongst all the pressure of what will already exist will make it more like a revolting piece of that puzzle… AND the realization of the nature of this missing piece will blow our collective minds.

It is this “No way!” missing puzzle piece which has taken up (on and off) the last 30 years of my life. It is my Purpose and is has been a real pain in the arse.

All this tech emerging around us is amazing. Really amazing. And a certain palatable fragmentation abounds in parallel and in concert to the kaleidoscope unfoldings.

So, here we are, all of us “getting connected”, and all of “US” (Borg?) writing and sharing and virtually “being” all this and/or all that, and thinking “we are the bravado today, the brave del nuevo mundo!”; “isn’t it great”; “aren’t we just the bad-ass bomb!”; or however this age-old sentiment might be stated by our hyper-connecting, tech-savvy humanity of all ages and around the world.. and on this particular and temporal day…

In the midst of our own glorious tech-connect-erupting cacophony there will come this wave of realization. IT DAWNS ON US… we are almost-nearly-special; some of us are the quintessential symbols of special; many pseudo-specials out here in link-space  BUT most all of US are not at all uniquely or YOUniquely special.

We are now and have worked hard at become Borg’s having all bought into and now proudly wearing our Special-Masks. There are very few “pure-perceptors” among us… very, very few.  And this is the realization and this is the monstrous paradigm shift coming.

The “I AM” or the truly YOUnique special-ness of an individual has been out of “order”, so to speak (I smile).

It is wrapped well in symbolic unique-mask packaging for 97% (Yep, my big WAG) of the information-interactive population which is about 24% ( internet users) of the total global population… at the annual moment.

And yes, I am assuming that living ones gifts does necessitate some “connectivity” or interaction with the technology of the time…now or in the past.

That said I think we know that a human being can achieve pure-perception without any technology or connectivity and in fact these advances may inhibit, and make more difficult over time, ones ability to achieve pure-perception.*

Oh, and as you may know, the “Guru’s” out there are not necessarily living their innate gifts to the fullest nor live the sight of “pure-percept”, by the by. Those that “teach” such can be the worst symbolic offenders, i.e. the biggest “YOUnique Self” frauds of all.

So, for me this is the missing piece – how to define the YOUniqueness so that “I” can in fact do the natural and potent synergizing – that way of being that will not need to be something we “point out.”– as it will simply be the way we live.

The hope is that these articulated notions of Gift-living and the living natural human synergy as a habit will be experienced as we now experience breathing.  As we talk now about daily events in our lives, we will talk then, in the future, about new and provocative human synergies that unfold.  

I said 2050 in 1986 and I think the date +/- 5 years is the same today.  That is when I think this dawning will have become old hat for the masses, a habit. Maybe holoports will be in every apartment dwelling too. I suspect so.


Written by JohnBrian

July 10, 2009 at 1:00 pm

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