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LinkedIn Answers: What, in your opinion, are the Ten Key Success Factors (KSFs) in Entrepreneurial Startups?

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My reply is constrained via 4 variables: 

1. Start-up defined as an entity made up of the “founding” body of people who have successfully begun generating revenue from an invention of their conception and sale.

2. I will focus on the entrepreneurial start-up founded by the “inventrepreneur” because they illustrate and represent the consummate entrepreneurial scenario in my book.

3. I will focus only on the start-up entrepreneur of present and the future as their operating world is unique to that of their entrepreneurial “ancestors.”

4. My answer will be KSF’s that are human asset centric, as in the start-up founding team and founder(s).


I will add a phenomenological component to the KSF’s:  Synchronicity. 

Business Synchronicity’s (as life phenomena) can be seen as the component called “luck.”

For the start-up this form of luck, this “induced luck”, is an essential ingredient to success and needed in greater “quantities” than that of a mature entity. Now, I am NOT talking about “attraction” in the now popular sense of the word. The question is what makes timely occurrences of synchronicity, as induced-luck, happen and within the context of an entrepreneurial start-up.

My KSF is a bit of an Uber-KSF: that the founder and founding team MUST be made up of individuals who have a conscious, discrete and analogue/continuum awareness of their natural and innate gifts, talents and dispositions vs. those things they have learned.

This is neither an obvious attribute nor common knowledge by a long shot. If I asked most anybody walking the Stanford campus today to define for me their perception of their innate gifts and their innate limitations as inversely related to those gifts they could not.  Few can.

Here is why I believe a more highly coherent and conscious sense of Self-knowledge is THE essential ingredient which then affects the doing of all the rest including the inducement of synchronistic events and as it applies to current and future entrepreneurial start-up companies.

From today forward the most successful entrepreneurs will have an unusual awareness of their gifts and as such they will also have an uncanny awareness of their limitations.

In knowing your limitations your then know who you need around you to make up your “optimal synergistic” and success probable team. You will also experience certain synchronicity in the “finding” of, or “resonance” to, these founding team folks.

One of the main success issues Self-Gift-Knowing immediately takes care of is the choice of the singular idea to pursue.  An entrepreneur that is not the IP creator may discover the market need first and then go after the IP or an IP creator to answer the need… the same applies. The successful “start-up” choice should be based on the inherent ability of the creator/developer(s) to make it happen full cycle… which leads us back to gifts, talents, dispositions and one more attribute, the available of an almost infinite supply of human energy.

The energy (NRG) to go from concept to revenue generation is simply incredible. How much NRG you can apply to a given project is innately derived. If an entrepreneur is doing what they are “born” to do then the available NRG should be almost infinite by nature.

For me the team is HUGE.  And HUGE means the pure existence of human Synergy. Everybody talks about the experience of “synergy” in a team space but for the most part it is just talk. Real Synergy only happens when there is natural “complementarity” among the team members. Natural complementarity is founded on the “fit of gifts” and natural dissolution of any limitations as seen of the team as a whole.

One’s innate gifts are the basis of one’s innate passions that correlate to doing work that is “on-purpose”, so to speak.  If it just makes a boatload of cash it’ll kill you and in the end feel worthless. This in not a success… I assume.


Written by JohnBrian

July 9, 2009 at 2:54 pm

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