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LinkedIn – MyAnswers: What is missing in the current Social Networking sites ??

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What is missing in the current Social Networking sites ??

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Allow me to rephrase if I may…

What’s missing is what’s coming.

I am august believer that all Tech – especially Human-connective-tech – is evolving-by-design and as a projection and mirroring of higher cortical neural architecture, functions and features. The reason for this I address elsewhere:

If one were to assume this mind-by-design mirroring was in fact a reality then certain predictive probabilities should become apparent, especially for tech evolving areas like socnet.

What’s missing is what’s coming, and for us believers here’s a function of the brain we know will be mirrored and projected more and more into our Social-Net space – Associate Memory.

Associative Memory is a feature/function of the human brain which we would then say is mirroring and projecting more and more of itself into this social-net space, and therefore, we should expect to see finer and finer grain associative capabilities, features and infrastructure capacities within social networking and as they are related to this very human associative content and pattern recognition capability.

Look for finer grain pattern connection-recognition and connection-pattern resonance-dissonance analogue visualized metrics concerning your personal patterns of activities, patterns of content that you allow to be auto tagged and stored within to your personal online db (Google docs is goin here) and with the same applying to all those in your net and all of everybody else.

With this “coming” Synergies will become more prevalent and will come with finer grain reasoning for the “Prescribed Synergy-filled Connection.” Of course there is always a balancing” so the opposite results will also occur and be described using reciprocal language.

With finer and finer applications of Associative Memory mirrored in socnet over time instead of that message we see stating “people you may know” we will see “people you should know because X, Y and Z.”

The next “coming” along these vectors of thought is a Profile revolution. Our socnet Profile will evolve for a bit more but soon, next 12-24 we will see an explosion shift.

We will see more unique representational features, more distinguishing personal and relationship measurement features and metrics base on commonalities, and synergies and “distances” or dissonant attribute recognition.

The Biggie: Natural SELF Representations: A distinct class of revolutionary profile features and structures is coming. Let’s call it an “Innate Self Profile” type of profile will represent a unique human being or the “Self” of that individual more accurately than ever before in history. And I don’t mean that we will be applying some or various forms of personality tests to our socnet profiles. Some will do this too but that will not last.

The advent of a “Natural Self Profile” will be all about more effectively and truthfully describing one’s YOUnique gifts and innate and natural dispositions.

It is the scariest thing in the world for an individual to actually deal with a true representation of their gifts. Most of us run away from this as the responsibilities to live our given gifts-as-Self is so daunting that it can crush us…

The day is coming though, in parallel I believe with the Eco-movement and its current multi-faceted spread, for this next generation of YOUnique representations to emerge, finally- were humankind is finally represented as more of it Self than ever before, and within (ironically) virtual socnet systems which can in fact take on this new form of human data and measurements and effectively “associate” them within the db of humanity… the result will be unheard of and innate-based human synergies.

The coming missing will shake the planet.


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