Ecology of Mind

The Evolution Revolution Is Now!

The Human Mind and Cloud Computing: another technology that seems to be molded from and mirrors cortical neurological function, process and architecture.

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Someone sometime soon, if not already, is going to use cortical neural dendridic network imagery…

… or that of a ganglion network or simply a volumetric section of cortical tissue…

…to effectively represent Cloud Computing.

As some of you know my mind grew up around in the neuropsychology labs at Stanford and under the mentorship of Professor Karl H. Pribram and from 1980-85. His is my reference for the quote “As Within, So Without.” which is older than he but it was my first hearing.

This is the basis for this discussion as well. This idea of projection from the mind/brain space into technology space and what we can expect to occur given that this may be a causal relationship… from our mind/brian to our technologies.

Karl’s work was truly expansive including being the leading neuroscientists of our time and coming times. He is a name the “market” will come to know best years after he passes. Some know him for his ground breaking work on the function of the frontal lobes, which we will be hearing more of as time passes, most for his theory, which has found itself alive in an actual physical form of technology… not a brain mirror in technology, but as an actual new memory/storage technology itself… titled – The Holographic Theory of Memory and Perception. Karl later refined some of his thinking in the book: “Brain and Perception – Holonomy and Structure in Figural processing”
A large body, first node, of his seminal work is carried in – “Languages of the Brains – Experimental paradoxes and principles in neuropsychology.”

For a quick brain embrace of Pribram from a popular yet intelligent angle read this: The WikiRep is shallow but okay as well.

Since the publishing of the “holographic” treatment of mind via memory and perception a predominantly non-academic yet intelligent population picked up on this idea and began expanding the theoretical framework into other “humanist” and more esoteric areas of application, e.g. human consciousness. Synchronistically (actually it is a meta-synchronicity) Professor David Bohm’s “holonomic” treatment of “matter” and Pribram’s holographic treatment of “mind” occurred within 6 months and 6,000 miles apart from the other. They had no clue of the others’ existence until others saw the connection and bridged the synchronistic gap of these two titans.

This mind/matter merging within a holonomic/holographic framework spurred a disruptive “cult” movement and wavefront in the late 70’s and early 80’s which smolders to date. Communities continue a multiple wave application of these synthesized insights of Pribram and Bohm. To see facets of this world google “holographic, quantum” or “bohm, pribram” or “hologram, volumetric hard drive” or “pribram, consciousness” and so on… and see what comes up.


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