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A Missive on… Karl H. Pribram and David Bohm

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“Peter Senge wrote The Fifth Discipline, The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization, which, when published in 1990… Senge looks at the “paradigm shifts” needed for an organization… draw heavily on the work of David Bohm, a contemporary quantum physicist. In introducing his chapter on “Dialogue and Discussion,” Senge discusses Bohm’s treatment of the subject of dialogue:”

Bohm has met the public, Pribram remains an unknown. I have always found this ironic. When in comes to conversations and recognition of insights about matters of the mind how is it that the physicist would trump the neuroscientist; especially if their work was found to be synchronistically synergistic and of parallel nature. The brain guy should be the guy people look to for stuff about the brain, right… like consciousness?

I think, in the end, Peter Senge found Bohm and that was that. Also, Bohm did coin (or someone in his camp coined) some to-be sexy “pop-social-psych” tag lines: “Wholeness and the Implicate Order”, “Holonomy”, “implicate and explicate orders,” “folding” and “unfolding”, “wholeness and fragmentation”… and so much more, all beautiful brand words and phrases for this time of ours and the future.  Although Bohm’s “word” for a new form of spoken language that better represents our quantum reality, the “Rheomode”, may not make for a good tag line,  it does say exactly what it means:

Anyway, arguing the merits of Bohm or Pribram or the serendipity of their connecting, or… is not our objective here, within EcoMind.

One of our objectives here is to see if there is a tangible and objectify-able and action-able “readiness” (Pribram, K. H.  – a psycho-social competence-as-readiness)  for the work of these gentlemen to become physically manifest in our global marketplace; to be seen as the basis and the design architecture behind the birth of various past, current and future forms of technology and commerce and as such social-consciousness shifting fruit.

I think they are… and it is.

and… social networking is the latest in a string of instantiations of this emergence of mind-in-matter, with Pribram and Bohm as conceptual founders of a framework through which we can speak about this eternal and most naturally driven innovation-as-movement process of our humanity.


Written by JohnBrian

July 6, 2009 at 10:22 am

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