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Letter to: Linda M. Davis (Lou Lafrado) – June 6th, 2009

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J. Brian Hennessy has sent you a message.

Date: 6/09/2009

Subject: The JohnBrian background dump begins with Lou, Starbucks and…

Glad you like.

“e-wild” has many possibilites… as does “e-wilds.”

This new word, or is it a phrase, came to me (ah-ha) as I was writing to you so the spirit of the dialogue itself is responsible for the moment of creation.. For this I say “Thank you.” For the credit I say, “Kewl.”

We never ah-ha (yes, it’s a verb now) in a vacuum. So, thanks for the window.

I am hoping for a fully pressurized flow of ah-ha’z with his Lou-ness as well.

Speaking of ah-ha’z in the context of dialogue with others… I came up with a berry-kewl starbucks social networking idea while considering a Lou statement to me. He email/said, “I am heading to starbucks to read all this stuff you sent me.”

So it began the thread, and a thread I will now share and bore you with now. I have called these universal, and at the same time unique, human threads a “Path-of-Ah-Ha”, and have done so since the mid-80’s.

So, Lou emails to me that he is “…heading to starbucks…” to read all this stuff I sent him since we met.

…and then, I thought about going to my local starbucks too, to somehow join Lou in some non-local but connected fashion.

and then, I thought/imagined/ah-ha’d about going to my local starbucks and having a psychic connection to Lou to support him reading TheWork.

and then, I thought about having a direct yet virtual real time connect to Lou while we sat at our two starbucks in two different geo-spaces (think global starbucknet connecting)

and then, I had the core ah-ha (the “center-of-symmetry” ah-ha) I thought about how starbucks could have an awesome “synchronet” type social networking service for its customers and through its stores around the world…

…a way of combining customer experience in a store, with realtime virtual connecting with friends using their – each customer’s – existing social networking connections.

… a way of using in-store video conferencing in realtime with linkedin and facebook and myspace and plaxo friends and finding each other every time they go get a cup a Joe (COD) or frappaccino or latte’ or…

Let’s call this starbucks brand (and other global and large network of retail brands lifestyle environ) of social networking “HereNow.”

I like synchronet as I came up with this busines model in the early 90’s and before social networking became social network as we now know it, vs. the ARPANET and bulletin boards of yore.

and then, as I consider practical applications issues of connection, and the customer and within the store, and had the practical ah-ha of the “StarNet” plastic scan tab (as you might have for your local food store). I just had the little ah-ha called the name “starnet” for starbucks social net, I know, it is a weak name.

and then, its own innately generated psychological momentum furthered the concept into the fleshing of the busines model “Path-of-Ah-Ha”… which I shared with Lou…

… and Lou and I did our own ah-ha commiseration

.. and now I share with you.

Linda, my life work concerns the “ah-ha” and this idea of the human “path-of-ah-ha” in and of itself and the naure of human “YOUnique”-ness, Life Purpose born of that which is YOUnique, and the finer and fuller and healthier and more productive Synergies that come from the natural evolution and living of human gifts and dispositions vs. what we have today (think “Ecology-of-Mind or EcoMind).

I have worked with kids and teens and that is my “demographic of first cause.”

I am going to take a nap now.


On 06/09/09 7:42 AM, Linda Morgan Davis wrote:
e-wilds – I love that. Can I borrow this term from you? I’ll promise to give you credit each time!


On 06/08/09 3:12 PM, J. Brian Hennessy wrote:
Love to…

“I guess Lou thinks we should be connections…go figure”

I think he just wants someone like you to help him interpret the work of some nut like me.

Here we go, another concentric circle, pebbled ring, synaptic node of nodes of nodes ad infinitum sent out into the e-wilds.


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  1. I don’t know if this has much to do with your Lou/Starbucks insight, but I will likely be helping with the branding of Plan-It You ( It’s a role playing/social network site. The idea is to form groups, identities and connections online and meet and do real activities offline in the real world. Very community and goal oriented. Collective goals could be weight loss or reducing carbon footprint. I’ll know much more about it after our second meeting tomorrow.


    June 28, 2009 at 5:52 pm

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