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The Business of EcoMind – Introduction

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EcoMind, to be real in the minds of bankers, accountants, CEO’s, Plumbers, Mom’s, Dad’s, kids and teens… and the rest of us, has to make money.  Money is the currency of significance in our world.  Even charity makes money.

So, how does or will The Ecology-of-Mind Movement represent itself in terms of making money, and not just any kind of money, but as the paradigm exploding sort, a movement as proposed herein worthy of generating billions upon billions of dollars as a new industry.

If this EcoMind Movement is indeed all I say it’s cracked up to be, it can’t be a short term quick-fix entry into the marketspace, the pet-rock of business possibilities, but must have legs, long legs, and must be a movement of multi-dimensionally affecting magnitude, a movement “…of the ages”, a “spoken of” 100-200 year celebration of time.

EcoMind, in a phrase, must fundamentally change the way we see ourselves, our world(s) and affect how we interact with others as a function of this new “sight.”

The following blog additions within this category will look directly and practically at this question – from the “bottom-up” (vs.  the top-down) – by sharing those aspects of the work I have done over the last 30 years which looks at the business-side question. Much of this business development work, which I call “TheWork“,  is elaborated and discussed within “private” meeting and blog spaces as it is proprietary and in development. Short abstracts of the facets of this work will be presented in this public space.

The other business facets, those that are already in the marketplace but have yet to be re-defined or seen as representative of aspects of an EcoMind framework, will be considered here as well and within the category “EcoMind at Large but Largely Unconnected


Written by JohnBrian

January 14, 2009 at 10:44 am

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