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Going A.P.E. – Bullets For Future Prose…

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Auto-Poetic Evolution and Going for it…


Bullets for Future Prose…


·         As long as we are fragmented within our own nature we cannot see ourselves as a part of a whole.  The fragmentation of a Self is responsible for the perceived fragmentation of our world or a World made of fragmented Self’s…


·         The lack of a whole SELF is responsible for all actions that keep us from being and becoming whole, Purpose-filled and consciously connected with everything else.  We have a sense of it but cannot act on it directly.


·         There is no applied and universal and interpretive model or curriculum that focuses on the evolution of human potential at the level of the individual Self.


·         In terms of economics there is a big difference between what we think of as economy now and what “economy” would mean if we were became truly connected.


·         The idea of “Holonomics” vs. economics may be the watershed term.  This notion stands tall as the tidal wave following the current trough of the “new economy.”


·         Pribram has not been noticed as Bohm has.  This is due, in this authors mind, to the fact that Bohm is a physicists (interconnected to Einstein) and Pribram a neuroscientist – popular and universally empirical vs. unknown for the most part and working in perceived-as-subjective research domains.  Matter is a hardware commodity even though Bohm was (deceased) a consummate theorist operating in parallel with the metaphysics of Krishnamurti.


·         There are many instantiations that demonstrate our minds attempt to manifest itself outside of itself.  The Internet is the latest example of such. Our Self and our material world are one of the few aspects of our world as a whole that is not interconnected  – both within ourSELF’s as individuals and as a society.


·         If all matter, and in fact us without our realizing it, are fully and completely interconnected where is “the disconnect” between our minds and matter or what matters?  Where is the gap or short located?  Is it non-local?


·         The only thing missing is the thing between these two worlds.  Our-Self.


·         Our SELF is not fully connected or integrated internally yet is progressing towards this end despite parallel external self-agitation to end such wholeness. 


·         We are not, as a whole, as yet whole as persons or coherent on our Self’s.  We are not manifest in our innate nature nor are we conscious of the need to do so. 


·         Our interconnected facets, natural dispositions or innate competencies are not fully realized in their existence in part or as a whole much less in they’re manifestation in our everyday lives. And this IS CRITICAL.


·         Our SELF as individuals and a humanity is an un- or non-manifest whole, waiting to manifest itself, yet waiting for us to get our SELF-Act together in order to do it.


·         The friction of NOT living one’s innate self, one’s natural course, one’s gifts over a lifetime and generations thereof is showing in multiple fronts.  The emergence of the field of psycho-neuro-immunology is a medical-field symptom of this friction if not a realization.


·         How to Bridge the Gap?:


·         A system of Selves, as in organization or community or country or company or family or globe of people should operate under the same underlying processes and developmental principles. They are all systems made up of human beings.


·         Technologies dedicated to the auto-directed evolution of the human Self (and systems thereof) are the next revolution!


·         In the meantime… and whether we like it or not.


·         The human Mind/Brain endeavors to become seamless with all other Mind/Brains.  We like to call this determined vector or waveform of human evolution “ONEMIND.”


·         This is THE assumption from which to look at all human developments.  Technology being the most obvious.  The Internet being the most current instantiation with Holographic Hard Drives and Holographic Data Visualization technologies, as mind-manifesting instantiations, right behind it.


·         Human evolution, because of the unbalanced, male-biased nature as securely manifest in hierarchical psycho-social-org. systems, has been stripped of its innate SELF-creating competencies.  We are, for the most part, a symbolic (vs. Significance), market driven horde.


·         Until the “SELF” of our species is better articulated we will not be aware of this evolutionary fact.  Future human evolution necessitates a universal, meta-process-model as a standard technology based human and human-systems developmental infrastructure.


·         The Holographic-type cube (Pribram neural architecture model mirrored), as a memory technology in all PC’s will be in the market within 3-5 years. 2005 by IBM in the mainstream.


·         The connectivity of people in the optimal synergistic fashion is totally dependent on the articulation of the “Individual” as the manifest “SELF” of the individual. 


·         The Individual is the Self.


·         Human and human-systems “Life-Purpose” necessitates a Self for definition.


·         Human-systems Self is beginning to be defined now in terms of organizational “Core Competencies” or as that which the organization, as a organized and coherent body of significant human knowledge does most naturally, best and which has now become recognized as intrinsic to that system.


·         It is the resolution or clarity of one’s “SELF” as a whole society (or family or organization or…) that correlates to the exact degree of more purpose-filled and synergistic, interconnectedness and wholeness, or lack thereof, of humanity.


·         We need the “thinking about” of a “literal SELF” to become as common as writing an email in our everyday life.


·         The quality of “Connected-ness” is the basis of the quality and nature of Synergy.


·         Synergy is dependent on human and human systems “Complementarity.”


·         Complements bind as a function of “fit-ness” relative to Significance as SELF.


·         Complementarity is unequivocally dependent of the coherence, clarity and pro-creative consciousness of the individual.  Complementarity can be viewed as the next concept of human “Fit-ness” or the quality of human fit.


·         This is why the use of the term Synergy is overused and under-lived.  We know it is important and even critical yet we haven’t got a real handle on it for OurSelf’s because we do not know truly our SELF’s!


·         We can not know wholeness unless we know the SELF.


·         It is the sole mission of G.E.T. The Vision to get people to Be Their SELF.


·         Error! Not a valid in the business of SELF-Seeing, Being and Building.  (GET is “Global Education/Evolving Transformation/Technologies.”)


·         It approaches and will accomplish this mission through a system of businesses that as a whole will effect humanity towards this end.


·         The first of these articulations, or facets, of GET is LeCompany, LLC.


·         LeCompany is where the tornado meets the road.


·         “Le” stands for Learning-as-Evolving or Learning-to-Evolve.


·         LeCompany is creating Human-Evolutionary-Autopoetic-Technologies (generating H.E.A.T.) to balance the out-of-balance revolution in the digital and fragmented systems of existing technology which accelerate our already fragmented humanity and Self.  


·         Heck, if computer can even edit and fix its own software and create new and better versions on its own why can’t stop ourselves from smoking or an addiction to very-near-term profits.  There is software that begets and evolves other software.  That’s self-evolving technology.  Where are the self-evolving people? A step behind their own invention?  Typically, “Yes.”


·         LeCompany wants humanity to Self-Evolving, or as a cheer, “Go A.P.E.” 


·         We call it Going A.P.E for fun and for real.   A.P.E. stands for Auto-Poetic Evolution and the Going for it…


·         At least our natural ape friends know exactly what they are and what they do best and live it every nanosecond of their lives.  No confusion there.  A confusion, no doubt, that would otherwise be fostered by a lack of consciousness by a consciousness-capable mind/brain. (Enter SELF)



Written by JohnBrian

January 14, 2009 at 9:58 am

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