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Book Beginning – The Autopoietic Revolution or Going A.P.E.

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The Future is about…


Going A.P.E.


Auto-Poetic Evolution and Going for it…


Dr.’s Pribram, Miller and Gallanter sat around a cozing fire at the Advanced Behavioral Institute while working on their unknown-to-be paradigm busting book The Plans and Structures of Behavior.  Little did they know then of the dual revolution they would be birthing.  While fire-writing this work that seeded the cognitive revolution, they happened to be sharing their sabbatical with Dr. Thomas Kuhn.  Dr. Kuhn, you may recall, is the gentleman who brought the term “Paradigm” to us in his seminal work which began at the Institute.  As the “story” goes, this trio of original paradigm busters coached Kuhn on the writing of The Structure of Scientific Revolution.)  I am told Dr. Kuhn would write a chapter and come down and share this with P,M&G at which point they would inform him that “this was this…” and, “Oh no, this was that…” and so on… That was the story anyway from my advisor, friend and mentor while at Stanford University, Professor Karl H. Pribram.  And to think “synchronicity” (K. Jung) is not a scientific term.


And so begins the platform of my thoughts herein – a work concerning the self-directed evolution of ideas and human beings and social and organizational systems.


The process-place before and after those launching and landing zones, from one paradigm to a another, that synaptic ideological leap, is a far more dynamic and complex space and more relevant today as questions about human and human systems nature and purpose become more frequent.  Those hidden questions that rise up consistently and just won’t go away, to force a shift to occur.  Like our love for the 0’s and 1’s led us from Sherrington to code so our love for paradigm rhetoric in the 80’s leads us to a leap into human and organizational evolution after the knowledge banter plateaus.


While working in the Neuropsychology laboratories at Stanford University and under the tutelage of Professor Karl H. Pribram (now at Radford University) I have participated in surgical operations on monkey brains using the exact same operating table Dr. Sherrington used to begin the path that birthed today’s computer. 


What?! Who!?  Dr. Sherrington (one of the fathers of psycho-biology) was the father of the synapse and thus the father of 0’s and 1’s.  What makes his research most applicable today is not that discovery though.  It turns out he was more interested in the pre-and post-synaptic universe than the synapse itself. This dendridic-processing world, before and after the synaptic cleft, was where the action was for Sherrington and just so happens to be where the action is for us in the millennium.  This is a world of nodes and the waxing and waning of wave as potentials not discrete firings over clefts. It’s analogue not digital.  And the pendulum swings.


Unfortunately in Sherrington’s paradigm-time there was no readiness or scientific and social “competence” for the idea of nth dimensional, frequency based, analogue processing.  That paradigm was ready and competent for the digital thought, the digital paradigm.  And so history unfolds until today as “digital” made the day back then.


In terms of convolutions of synchronicity, Pribram, et al, came up with the idea of “Images” in the brain.  This was in paradigmatic conflict with the popular Stimulus-Response model of of Skinner (and still is).  Unfortunately this “Images” in and of the brain idea could not be proven without an analogue or frequency model of cortical processes such as those found in human perception and memory.  These things just had to wait.  Pribram did, serendipitously to some degree, unfold the Holographic work in the late 70’s and thus began the readiness for understanding images as memory components and later, and still, the processes involved in human consciousness.  A deeply human concept and reality which a 0’s and 1’s universe would find incomprehensible.


The world of the waves, or the analogue domain, at the neural level is the undiscovered country of the human, technology and human-technology future.  The digital universe was not what fascinated the founder of the synapse but it was what the world was ready to hear.  The readiness of the paradigm to shift was a readiness for discrete logic, a readiness for the digital age and bootstrapping and key punch cards and not a readiness for the most potent of complex natural processes found in the human brain. The digital, not the analogue universe, was the offspring of this “readiness.”  The question is, what is the current readiness waiting for?  Funny thing, the synapse of Sherrington discovery was of muscle fiber (body) and thus the old adage of men always using (considering) their muscles before their heads (cortex/analogue) re-emerges.


The pre-shift of the paradigm is like the pre-and post-synaptic world of the neuron.  It is the analogue universe from which, and in feed-forward (not feedback – another story), the action unfolds.  The shift itself is like the firing of the neuron.  It is digital.  The actual computation or processing world of each human brain and thus that of a system of humanity, is in the wave-domain not the digital.  The ability to effect the shift then is in the analogue universe.


We unfortunately are very digitally oriented at the moment because of our rabid infatuation with what Sherrington and Kuhn and Pribram et al where in fact only secondarily interested in… the 0’s and 1’s of life.  The time of their real interests at that much earlier time is at hand.


Bohm and Pribram gave us the idea of holonomy of mind and matter, respectively.  Bohm with his work, “Wholeness and the Implicate Order” and Pribram with “The Languages of the Brain”, and later, “Brain and Perception…” This interconnected – Holonomic – frequency-based universe posits the obscene reality that everything is connected and in fact one implicate whole.  It is the movement from this implicate and whole world into the explicate world that we can and should control.


What we must come to terms with is that the explicate world derives, and is an unfolded reality of, this unified “whole” world.  Bohm was first presented to the consumer corporate world in the first paragraph of Peter Senge’s “The Fifth Discipline.”  This was my first indication of an evolving, coherent readiness for the shift from the digital to the digital-analogue mix and all consequences thereof.  Per Bohm, our objective reality is unfolded from the implicate domain.  Our sense of not being connected and not seeing that all things are in fact connected is due to our ignorance of the interconnections that exist within our own self.  We may know but do we know-know.  Application is beyond rhetoric and the application of Bohm and Pribram in social, business and technology architectures and processes are, as yet, unseen.


The following bullets outlines further thoughts on this subject – as work in progress – and attempts to embrace the holistic and total effect of a mind that is moving outside of itSelf to connect all other minds.  We like to refer to this as the EnfoldedMind or OneMind.


See “Bullets for Future Prose” for potential future chunks of prose.







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January 6, 2009 at 12:21 pm

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