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I am guessing that blogs are more for the individual than the group, that most bloggers are rather solitary beings within their blogspace. 

This is/was not the true purpose of The Blog I suspect, in its vision-origination.  I think the true “evolved” purpose was to create an synergistic and constructive and interconnected “thought-collective” which would manifest new and higher and fuller levels of thought and natural and resultant positive actions which emerge from those collective constructions. 

One would imagine, time-bandwidth aside,  that the dynamic of thought “connectivity” assume is alive and well in the blogoshere, would result in greater commentary among and between bloggers, yet, this inter-activity and demonstrated “connectedness” is a rare reality in proportion to the total blog content spaces.

Let’s face it, not all bloggers produce thoughts on paper which provoke and motivate interaction… this said, I believe there are many more that do, and yet go without comments and interaction from the rest of the world. This is unfortunate.

Up to this point then, I feel blogs are self-reflective and thought projective spaces for their writers.  Which is great… expression is a positive thing, or can be.

In an “EcoMind” psycho-social and technologically reflective space this would not be the case… which is better and which is where I believe we are moving towards.


Written by JohnBrian

January 4, 2009 at 6:30 pm

Posted in New Technologies

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