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Starting in the late 80’s I began asking the question; “How can we predict emergence through emergent language usage?”

I figured I could find a way to look at documented language usage across an complex array of relationship indices and see new and emergent patterns, which could then be compared and correlated to other variable within the business marketplace which could then shed a more coherent light on what’s next quesswork.

My real interest obviously, was to se if my own work, which I believed at the time was ahead of its time, would see the light of day, someday, and in the markeplace. 

So, I began looking for a “languaging” usage source that could meet my needs and settled on the USPTO db.  Then I MANUALY began keyword searching, based on various taxonomies, and tabulating the simplest representations of a possible and measureable “emergence” variables – word and phrase “first use”, frequency-of-use, and signifcant frequency-of-use shifts.

I knew at the time that if I could preduct anything in the market, ahead of pack, and with any re-producability and signifcant measure of predictive efficacy, that I could have an incredibly valuable tool on my hands. 

As I mentioned earlier, the visceral motivation here was/is to see if my own work, and the language that made up that work, had a chance in  hell of emerging and coming into the consciousness of the marketspace, and some significant demographic of humanity, while I was still talking and breathing and communciating  myself.

Obviously, if such an analysis did work then the application possibilites are of the boggling kind.

So, starting in around 1994 and intervals of 3  or so months, I would ask the USPTO db to show me – via keyword search – the uses of the word(s) – aha, ah-ha, eureka,  for example, and the associated synonyms like –  insight, creative insight, revelation, and so forth.  I did the same with scientific words and phrases which related to my (Evolutionary-Ontology) model like – holographic brain, and holography, holonomics, and fourier transform, and transform (mathematical meaning as expressed but analyzing cross-pollination and transference to other social-lingustic usages and domains or contexts of use.) 

Well, over a 3 year timeframe, (and no I did not keep it up every 3 months, but did look at the data as it evolved over time) I can honestly say this is a great idea… the word hologram and holographic for example – and this is before holographic ID cards and holographic promotional media became commonplace – increased in usage frequency in the US patent office db from around 500 hits to over 35,000 in that 3 year timeframe.

The keywords/terms “aha”, “ah-ha”, and its correlates, moved from less than 1,00o hits to over 10,000 in the same timeframe.

Did I mention that doing this keyword searching and analysis “manually” is tremendously time consuming… but provocative. Reminded me of the days of doing 3 and 5 year financial projections using a typewriter and before the advent of spreadsheet app’s  like Lotus 123 and Excel…

Now, if I had an extra $200K-500K laying about and had given it to some awesomely brilliant , empathetic-to-the-ideation, db development house  to actually produce this business intellgence db… I might be a gazillionaire. Oh well, maybe next year.  Fact is, I have approach more than one company over the last 20 years to do just that… but the cash was just not there to get it done.

Anyway, this blog entry is essentially about an ah-ha about the notion that some form of an analysis of language usage can predict the evolution of emergent things, e.g. a new business marketspace. 

Language is a manifestation of thought.  Changes in language represent changes in and of thought, and thinking, within our individual Self(s) and in our cultures and the world as a whole-of-Self’s.

There is new techology that analyzes language (keywords, combinations of keywords, and phrases) within mutiple virtual and web environments… at least at the level of where people are going, who they are getting there, the value derived when they get there, how often they go places and stay at places (or not) and yank stuff from those places, ad infinitum, and inferences as to why they’re doing what they are doing, i.e. human and human-clustered motivation and perceptional questions.  Google and others are lookin’ hard and fast at any db derived intelligence they can get their hands on that will be useful internally in the making of more money, and potentially useful as it can be packaged and sold to others in making of still more money.

Me… I just want to know if “human evolution” and this associated idea of an “ecology-of-mind”  is, and will be, the new kewl gig in town… and, if so, when. 

More specifically, I just want to know if my life-work, this Model – this “Evolutionary Ontology – and associated products, services, all media content, consumer desk-top ( SaaS and entreprise applications) software and “languaging”, which I have been working on for almost 30 years, has a chance to come to market….

… so I can die a grinning, joy-filled and Purpose-full-filled-Dude.


Written by JohnBrian

January 4, 2009 at 12:49 pm

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