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Ecology Movement – The natural platform for the emergence of an “Ecology of Mind” or EcoMind

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Of all the current social and technological  movements underway the new GreenTech version of the ongoing “Ecology Movement” is the best instantiation and foundation and/or platform for an emergent  “Ecology-of-Mind” Movement.

If “ecology” in and of itself is about natural resource sustainability in all its many massively and sublimely interconnected forms, and about the ability to become more efficient and less wasteful and more sensitive to our environments and our behaviors, and antecedent to our behaviors, our perceptions and thoughts leading to those behaviours. If “ecology” is about about the essence of a human-environment relationship  in order to save this planet, our species on it, and so on…


An “Ecology of Mind” cannot be far behind as the fullest and next expression and last expression of this seemingly ever-morphing eco-movement.

In this authors opinion, the human Mind is the missing link to making such a movement a manfest reality on the plant as a whole. It has always been about the ecology of each human mind and only recently are we finally developing the common social lexicon to speak to this directly.

The Human Mind and Brain is a natural resource in and of itself. It is that which makes “a change” happen. 

It is the most powerful, elegant, complex and sophisticated natural resource on planet earth. It is also the most mis-understood and least utilized natural resource on the planet.  Go figure.

It can be argued, without great effort, that the human mind/brain is the least efficiently managed, connected and effectively leveraged of all other natural eco-resources we are working on conserving, or better managing, or more optimally affecting the inherent synergies of…  etc.  There is some amazing irony to be had here.

We have yet to begin to “directly” act most fully upon, nurture, develop, connect, “synergyze”  and evolve this most basic element in the eco-dance?

Of all the natural resources that need to be self-sustaining, more fully articulated , understood, nurtured, managed and evolved; that need to become regenerative, and then auto-regenerative (autopoietic); that need to be truly and deeply known and discovered and  explored and optimized for the ultimate and glorious survival and evolution of humanity – and as a result – our planet as a whole… it is the human mind and its fullest development…. and in parallel, the finer grain and more optimal connection of synergistic minds…. All this is the next all-consuming wave… a wave that will unfold and enfold without end.

It is the next unexplored country to be discovered but never fully mined.

The Human Mind, and the concommitant result of an ever-evolving, finer grain innate and organic representation of the Human Self and systems of Human Self’s, is the next Ecology…

In my book it is the true Ecological omnibus framework from which current version is actually a subset. And this nested correlation-as-sub-representation will only be seen decades from now.


Written by JohnBrian

January 4, 2009 at 7:38 pm

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